Cyberpunk 2077 lockdown explained: How to wait for lockdown to end for The Gig mission in Cyberpunk 2077

The crash in Cyberpunk 2077 is an event that shuts down Night City at the beginning of the game.

Like open-world adventures like the old Grand Theft Auto series, it’s designed to limit the distance you can initially travel, possibly to prevent players from getting lost or overwhelmed or, more likely, from getting distracted by everything. that Night City has to offer. .

This page explains how to wait out the lockdown in Cyberpunk 2077, what the requirement is for The Gig side quest, and what you receive as a reward for your patience.

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How to wait for the lock to end in Cyberpunk 2077

When the life path-specific prologue ends, Act 1 will begin in V’s apartment, located in Watson, described as “the bad neighborhood of Night City” by developer CD Projekt Red.

Although Watson is a sizable area, due to the events of the story, it cannot be explored further due to the region being in a state of lockdown. This also blocks one of the initial side quests, The Gig, which asks you to “wait for the block to end.”

In practical terms, it means that any attempt to leave the area via one of the many highways to other regions will be met with a blockade and some pretty strong automated defenses.

As the game says, you must “go back, there’s nothing out there for you… at the moment.”

To wait out the lockout, you simply need to continue playing the game’s main story and advance to Act 2. This isn’t too far in terms of quests, as you need to complete The Pickup, The Information, and The Heist, but in terms of of hours, it can be up to five hours from the start of Act 1, depending on how much you play.

The good news is that The Gig isn’t going anywhere until you’ve completed them, and it’s designed to lead to more in town when lockdown lifts. So continue playing the story and when Act 2 begins, you will be able to venture beyond Watson.

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Gig rewards in Cyberpunk 2077 explained

Once you have access to The Gig, set it as a waypoint and visit Wakako.

After the conversation, you are given a number of credits and asked to visit a Ripperdoc elsewhere. You’ll then get a tattoo of a Tyger Claws dermal imprint, allowing you to use the Smart Targeting Module on Smart Weapons.

This is particularly useful for taking out Cyberpsycho Sightings non-lethally, so be sure to get it before taking on any of the optional mini-bosses.

With this done, there are now also many things in Night City that you can explore; just remember to unlock some fast travel points as you go…

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