Elden Ring Mimic Tear location

Elden Ring Mimic Tear is one of the most unique summons in the game.

What’s immediately different is that casting Mimic Tear doesn’t cost FP but your HP.

This is because you basically get a clone of yourself, making it one of the best summons you can get.

It’s understandable that you’ll want to track this as much as possible; This page explains where to find the Mimic Tear location.

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How to get the Mimic Tear in Elden Ring

Obtaining these ashes is no easy task: you will need to be able to reach Nokron, which is achieved by defeating Starscourge Radhan, which you can also do as part of the Ranni quest.

Once you are in Nokron, you will first have to fight Mimic Tear as a boss. An easy way to win this fight is to take off all your equipment before starting the fight and then re-equip everything once you’ve started.

After this fight, cross the aqueduct and then turn left and look for the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

This should allow you to see some buildings leading down below.

Jump up and follow the ledges around, taking care of some silver tears that will transform into humanoid enemies.

As you continue descending, you will be in an area called Night’s Sacred Ground. Don’t go down to ground level yet, but go through an archway and into a chapel with an altar.

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Pass that and there is a door leading to a hallway with a room at the end that you will need a Swordstone Key to enter.

There’s an enemy inside, but he’s facing away from you, so make quick work of him and then open the chest in front to get the Ashes of Mimic Tear.

Enjoy using your new summon!

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