Diablo 4 Rogue best build, skills, aspects, gear and gems

In a dark fantasy setting like you might find in Diablo 4, the Rogue is the death that waits in the dark corners, and to truly embody this, you need to know the best Rogue setup.

A traditional class in fantasy games, Rogues are known for their utility, but also for how deadly they can be if used correctly. In Diablo 4, the Rogue is one of the highest damage classes. On the other hand, playing as one requires some thought before acting in battle or you risk finding yourself in an incredible situation.

So, to help you walk in the shadows and slay the hellspawn, we have put together this guide that covers the best Diablo 4 Rogue setup and explains the best skills, best skins, best gear, and gems.

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How to play as the rogue in Diablo 4

Compared to other classes available in Diablo 4, it’s easy to see that while Rogue can deal massive damage, this class finds it difficult to survive if she isn’t positioned or doesn’t have the right tools available. While the Rogue’s difficulty staying alive could become a problem for players new to the game, focusing all of the build on improving this aspect of the class is wasteful. Because of this, your goal as a rogue should be to kill enemies as quickly as possible so they can’t hit you back. Considering these aspects and the entire leveling process, we prepared this build.

So when playing this version, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, you need to fix your cooldowns. Sure you have your basic attack, but it’s nothing compared to your basic or ultimate abilities. Therefore, avoid jumping into battle with dangerous enemies without having at least your basic ability available. Another thing to always remember is to turn it on and off quickly. If you’re starting a fight, use whatever abilities you need to deal damage, then get a safe distance from the engagement. Now the last thing you should take as a core mechanic for your character is to always dodge, whether it’s to close gaps or to escape. With this in mind, we can discuss how to use your abilities.

Diablo 4 rogue is great for blasting enemies

For this build, what you need to do is cast Shadow Imbuement, use Shadow Step to get behind your main target or an enemy in the middle of a group, hit Twisting Blade three times, and then use Hide to disengage and grab a safe. distance. This is your main rotation, but you have to remember to use Death Trap whenever it’s active. Due to its low cooldown, which can drop further if enemies die when you use your Ultimate, it’s not worth keeping.

Now, let’s talk about Heartseeker. This is the basic ability we’re running with this build due to the fact that you use a bow or crossbow to attack, allowing you to hit enemies from afar. This isn’t your main source of damage, but it works as a filler, the kind of ability you use when you can’t get close to enemies or you’re running away from them, waiting for your cooldowns to return.

If you follow these instructions and respect when you can engage enemies, Rogue becomes a powerful and fun class to play.

Diablo 4 Rogue Best Abilities

In Diablo 4, builds are structured around the abilities you use, so choosing the right ones is key to success when playing as a Rogue. In the following sections we will cover other elements that are useful, but not as fundamental as skills:

basic node

  • Heartseeker – As mentioned in the previous section, this is a marksman ability, which means you use a bow or crossbow to attack enemies. With this ability, you shoot an arrow that seeks out enemies, making it easier to attack them, and as long as you keep hitting the same enemy, your critical hit chance increases by a certain amount. The Improved Heartseeker takes advantage of your high chance to critically hit by giving you more attack speed when it does. If the enemy is Vulnerable, the effect is doubled. Now, to help you out in scenarios where you have to deal with groups of enemies, which basically always happens in Diablo 4, you should go for the Primary Heartseeker upgrade which bounces your arrows towards an additional enemy.

central node

  • Twisting Blades – With this kill, you impale an enemy with your blades, not only damaging them but increasing the damage they take from you while impaled. After a short time, the swords return to you hitting enemies on the way back. Once you have Enhanced Whirling Blades, the damage dealt when the blades return to you is increased. The Advanced Twisting Blades buff adds the effect of reducing the active cooldown per enemy that the blades went through by up to a certain amount.
  • Stuttering Step – We chose this passive because it momentarily increases your movement speed when you critically hit.

agility node

  • Shadow Step: Shadowstep is a fun and quite useful ability. When you use it, you become unstoppable and strike an enemy from behind, dealing damage and gaining a movement speed buff for a short time. With Improved Shadowwalk and Methodical Shadowwalk, you gain increased critical strike chance and the enemy damaged by this ability is now stunned.

Rogue's skill tree in Diablo 4 focuses on dealing damage and escaping from enemies.

Subterfuge Node

  • Concealment – ​​Along with Shadow Step, Concealment is one of your escape tools. By using it, you gain a form of stealth for a while. Taking damage will not break you out of stealth, and when in this form you become unstoppable and receive a movement speed buff. Now, you want to have the Stealth upgraded to gain energy when you use the ability and the Counter Stealth upgrade, which makes your Concealment-breaking attack a Critical Strike.

infusion node

  • Shadow Imbue: When used, this ability adds Shadow Damage to your abilities, with two charges. Enemies hit by imbued abilities are infected for a period of time, and if they do not die before the infection expires, they take additional damage, or if they do, they explode, also damaging enemies around them. While the enhanced Shadow Imbue increases your critical strike chance against enemies that are wounded and infected by your abilities, the Enhanced Shadow Imbue Enhancement makes enemies vulnerable if they are hit by the ability’s blast.
  • Shadow Crash: While we’re just buffing this ability to gain access to another passive, it can be quite useful due to the fact that it adds a chance to stun enemies to Shadow damage.
  • Consume Shadows – This passive allows you to unleash sequences of Twisting Blades when engaging groups of enemies, generating energy whenever you kill an enemy with Shadow damage.
  • Precision Imbue – Considering we’re working on getting as many critical hits as possible, this passive is great as it increases your critical strike chance when using imbued abilities.

ultimate node

  • Death Trap: This ultimate ability places a trap that, when triggered, deals 250% damage to each enemy in the area. The Prime Death Trap buff adds the effect of pulling enemies into the Death Trap’s area once it activates and the Supreme Death Trap buff reduces the cooldown of this ability by 10 seconds when the trap kills an enemy. You should run Death Trap with this setup due to the fact that being in the middle of groups of enemies is a normal situation, so it’s easy to hit as many enemies as possible with one cast, and even in single target situations. You can deal a fair amount of damage without much preparation.
  • Aftermath: Another good passive we can choose since it restores energy points after using an ultimate.

Key Liabilities Node

  • Momentum – At the last node of your skill tree, you should pick this passive, as it increases your damage reduction, energy regeneration, and movement speed when you reach three stacks of Momentum that you get from hitting an enemy from behind with an assassin . ability.

The Best Diablo 4 Rogue Team

As you progress through Diablo 4 as a rogue and start to drop legendary gear, you should focus on those that can improve the efficiency of your abilities. Equipment that increases Critical Strike Damage, Critical Strike Chance, or Max Damage is extremely useful. While it’s not clear if you can find a piece with all three attributes or not, you should prioritize critical strike chance and critical strike damage. Parts that also increase your physical damage or health regeneration are also solid choices.

At the same time, when considering equipment that has the basic attributes, you should focus on the ones that have Dexterity. This is the rogue’s most important attribute as it increases ability damage, followed by intelligence to increase critical strike chance.

In Diablo 4, rogues should wear gear that increases their damage

Best aspects of Diablo 4 Rogue

When it comes to skins for Rogues in Diablo 4, there are four standout options to look for and use with this build. First up, we have the Bladedancer skin which adds a new effect to the Twisting Blades ability. When used in this aspect, the swords orbit around you for a period of time after returning to you, dealing damage to nearby enemies. This is a great addition to the build as it allows for easy re-engagement in battle.

Since we’re running Shadow Step with this build, Aspect of Surprise is also a good choice because every time you use this ability it will leave a trail of flashbangs. A good tool to control groups of enemies. A third aspect that you can find quite useful is the Aspect of the Ravager which grants you a second charge of Shadowwalk and if you kill an enemy using the ability its damage is increased for a short time.

There are good aspects to the Rogue in Diablo 4

Alternatively, you may want to replace the Surprise or Ravager skin with the Edgemaster Skin. When Aspect of the Edgemaster is equipped, Skills deal increased damage based on your available Primary Resource when cast, so the more Primary Resource you have when casting, the more damage your Skill will deal. If you focus on critical hit stats, this can cause your rogue to do some incredible damage, but keep in mind that the best damage potential is still a little bit luck-based.

Best Diablo 4 Rogue Gems

The gems you want to use for this Rogue build in Diablo 4 are chosen following the same idea applied to gear. Since we want to increase some important numbers, you should look for Emerald for weapons. This gem increases critical strike damage to vulnerable enemies when used on weapons.

A second good option is Sapphire, which increases critical strike damage to mob controlled enemies.

A solid option to equip your armor pieces with is the Skull gem, which increases healing received. While you don’t have many sources of healing as a rogue, this will make your potions more potent.

Gems are a useful resource for rogues in Diablo 4.

I hope you have fun playing Rogue in Diablo 4.

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