Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation raid challenges Zero to One Hundred, To the Top, A Link to the Chain, Staying Alive explained

Garden of Salvation challenges see the return of additional raid objectives in Destiny 2, pushing players to the limit by giving them extra consideration within a boss battle, but granting additional challenge rewards for their efforts.

As for Destiny 2’s latest raid, the Garden of Salvation, on November 5, 2019, the first raid challenge: Staying Alive (aka Leftovers in the Triumphs) was released, and three more are coming in the following weeks, including A. Link to the Chain, To the Top and Zero to One Hundred.

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The following page of Garden of Salvation challenges assumes that you already have knowledge of the basic strategies of the raid, although we describe the solutions, knowing how to complete them originally will help you understand them.

Additionally, it is worth noting that you No You need to pick up this Hawthorne Raid Challenge in the tower as with the previous rewards.

How to beat the Staying Alive (or Leftovers) challenge in Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation

The core of Destiny 2’s Staying Alive challenge is ensuring that the two Cyclops in the first two rooms don’t die, which significantly increases the difficulty of each area.

Instead, these cyclops will appear when the other team advances into their designated area, but they still pose a threat to your ability to survive.

If you’ve already completed this encounter, there isn’t much difference in your approach. You clear each room, collect Voltaic Overflows, and lock the doors closed as usual.

The big difference is knowing that you must kill the singular cyclops that awaits you when you first open the door to the next room, but when two cyclops appear later in that room, they cannot be killed.

Our fire team also avoided killing the large number of Cyclops that appeared in the final stretch and most players opted to skirt the sides of the track until they needed to pick up a Voltaic Overflow, but other strategies have indicated that they chose to kill these enemies and still completed the challenge.

The doors you open.

How to Beat the Link in the Chain Challenge in Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation Raid

The Garden of Salvation raid challenge, A Link to the Chain, takes place during the second encounter, and to complete it, all players must receive the Enlightened buff at the same time.

While players don’t need to converge on a single relay (any of the four will do), they will need to make sure there are no stragglers.

The team will need to maximize coordination, so before we begin, we recommend nominating one person to become the coordinator who tells the team to activate the buff.

The most effective approach is to have all six keepers tied up in the first relay and then divide them into three teams. The first team will go to the left, the second team will remain in the first relay and the third team will go to the right.

All of these teams should advance towards their objective and kill all enemies in the area. When those areas are clean, you must count down to activate the buff at the same time. A player from the first and third teams must stay in the relay and kill enemies while the second person continues to the final relay in the back.

After the wave of enemies subsides, both solo players on the left and right tags must return to the first tag of the encounter and begin the countdown.

From then on, players should split up to ensure you always have at least two players in a relay for an upgrade phase. It is possible to have three players converge on the starting relay and the final relay, or have three groups of two keepers in the relays of your choice.

Both strategies have their pros and cons, but both have the same result. As long as your team watches a countdown and everyone shoots the box simultaneously, there shouldn’t be any problems.

After you have cleared the waves of Angelics in the outer relays, your entire team should converge on the center and connect to the confluence in the center.

Due to the large number of enemies that appear, it can be difficult to join together at the same time, but you must make sure that all players remain united or the challenge will fail.

How to beat the To the Top challenge in Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation Raid

The Garden of Salvation raid challenge, To the Top, takes place during the third encounter and to complete it you must deposit motes 10 at a time at the confluence.

For this encounter, it is best to divide the squad into two squads; the bike team and the boss team. In this specific challenge, the mote team must always deposit 10 motes into the conflux each time, while the boss team would approach the encounter as usual.

For the mote team, instead of all of them waiting to kill the first minotaur, one of them will have to run directly to the conflux after tethering to the starting box to prevent any Vex from sacrificing themselves.

The initial tether box

While the starting mote team player defends, another team member must kill two minotaurs and collect all 10 motes as quickly as possible.

They must then switch with the initial conflux defender while the next mote team member kills their two minotaurs, then repeat this process once more.

Deposit your 10 Motes here!

Once 30 motes are deposited, the damage phase will begin as usual. It’s best to try to kill this boss in a single phase, as by advancing to a second phase, there is less time for the minotaur cycle to die again before any Vex sacrifice themselves in the conflux, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. .

How to beat the zero to one hundred challenge in Destiny 2’s Garden of Salvation Raid

The Garden of Salvation raid challenge, Zero to One Hundred, takes place during the fourth and final encounter, and to complete it you will need to completely fill each confluence with 30 motes within 10 seconds of initially accumulating the first set of motes. .

A close-up of the confluence.

To complete this challenge, you will need to split your team into two, one team for the red conflux and one for the white conflux.

On your teams, you’ll want to send a starting single player through the portal by shooting one of the boss’s red weak spots, have him kill all the enemies there and collect 10 motes, then the players outside should take them out by shooting the corresponding weak spot. in Sol Inherent.

This player will now have 40-50 seconds before their motes expire, so the next team will have to be quick.

When the first player returns, the two remaining players on each side must go in and pick up the motes left by the starting player and focus on killing the enemies in the area.

If done correctly, the second team of players should have 10 motes and the starting player should also be waiting at the confluence with 10. As the second group of players retreats, the first player should wait for them to approach the confluence. converge and deposit them back to back.

This is where you should deposit your motes one after another; there is a red version on the other side of the map.

If the team does not deposit consecutively and fails to place all 30 motes in 10 seconds for each confluence, both white and red, the challenge will fail.

It is worth noting that each conflow must be completed within 10 seconds of depositing their respective motes, and it is not necessary to fill both conflows simultaneously.

Shoot the red dot on the corresponding side you want to activate the portal on and push the players back.

Alternatively, there is a reverse method that involves two players initially entering the portals and deliberately collecting less than 10 motes each before being removed. As those players leave, the remaining player on the team must enter and collect 10 motes before the original team of two brings the player back and enters. again to fill your motes up to 10 each before depositing and resetting your motes timer.

Both of the aforementioned methods work and it largely comes down to preference and how quickly you take out the enemies in the mote-spewing portal.

Once all the motes have been deposited, you will proceed to the damage phase as normal. If you don’t kill the boss in a phase, you will have to repeat the process of filling a conflux in 10 seconds again.

The Season of the Depths is here along with the Into the Depths quest. You can also know how to go fishing! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King’s Fall challenge rotation schedule!

Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Challenge Rewards

When it comes to rewards, you will notice that a second chest will appear right in front of the usual one when you have completed the challenge.

Inside will be an additional piece of Pinnacle Gear, bringing you one step closer to the ever-elusive Pinnacle power level.

Unfortunately, this chest doesn’t appear to be drawn from a different loot pool, so it’s the same standard gear you’d expect from your standard chest within the raid.

On top of that, completing all raid challenges as they become available will earn you a raid-specific shader, each of which will grant you a triumph. These count toward a significant portion of the Triumph activities necessary to earn the Enlightened title of the Garden of Salvation.

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