Chess Puzzles #3: Checkmate In 1 Move, Black To Play

Checkmate in 1 move, chess puzzle every player must solve! Whether you are a seasoned professional or an amateur player, a chess puzzle is a favorite of all chess lovers. Take your chess skills to another level. Play free chess puzzles every day on Jagran Josh to challenge your mind and develop strategic thinking skills.

Chess puzzles help you test your tactical skills and push your limits. The more you solve checkmate in 1-move puzzles, the more you master the ability to beat your opponent’s king. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced chess player, try our checkmate puzzles online.

There are several scientific findings that show that playing chess can help increase intelligence, analytical ability, logical and critical thinking. Chess game is a great source to stimulate a child’s intelligence.

Chess Puzzle #3 – Checkmate in 1 Move, Black Game

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The chessboard above shows the positions of all the remaining pieces in a game of chess. In this chess puzzle, Black must move and checkmate White in just 1 move. The white king is sitting on the g1 square, how will you checkmate it?

Can you find ONE winning move?

You are very strategic and intelligent if you know which black piece to move to checkmate the white king. Focus hard and think to decide your winning move.

SHARE the checkmate puzzle with chess champions. Challenge them to checkmate White in 1 move.

Did you find the winning move?

See below for the chess puzzle solution.

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Chess Puzzle Solutions

Bravo! If you find the winning move, checkmate White in 1 move. However, if you are still looking for ONE move to win the chess game, we share the answer to the chess riddle below.

Answer: Move the black queen from c7 to the h2 square. Checkmate in 1 move!

chess riddles with answers

Did you enjoy the chess puzzle?

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