Brain Teaser for Testing Your IQ: Can you spot the Hidden Letter Among Xs and Ks in picture within 13 secs?

Puzzle to test your IQ: This puzzle will help you test your intelligence level based on the decision you make while analyzing the problem. This IQ test is a fun way to find out your IQ. While solving these brain puzzles, you must scan the problem and arrive at the answer using logical reasoning skills. Brain games make a simple puzzle more interesting as these fun games are solved with creative thinking. You have to think a little differently to come up with the solution, since the answer will not be in front of you. So, we came up with an interesting puzzle where you have to spot the hidden letter between the alphabet group ‘X’ and ‘K’ within the image.

Puzzle for IQ Test: Can you spot the hidden letter between X and K in the picture in 13 seconds?


Image source: Cool Side

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In the image above, you need to detect the hidden letter between the alphabet group ‘X’ and ‘K’. An alert mind can identify the hidden letter in 13 seconds. You should look at each shadow carefully before answering the question, as the answer is quite complicated. As a heads up, the answers to this brain teaser are right below the question, so make sure you don’t scroll too much and cheat!

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Puzzle Answer

In this brain puzzle, you have to discover the hidden letter that has been hiding between the alphabets X and K. There are 5 rows of alphabet ‘X’ and 3 rows of alphabet ‘K’. To find the hidden letter in 13 seconds, you must quickly look at all the rows and columns.

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For your convenience, we have marked the hidden letter in the image below:


Image source: Cool Side

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So the answer to this mental test is that the hidden letter is ‘Y’ and it is located in the fourth row and the thirteenth column between the X’s.

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Some puzzles don’t necessarily require math skills or lateral thinking, but are a simple test of your observation skills. This puzzle was tricky but simple as it requires less time and brainpower to solve. But you sure feel great when you discover the answer in a few seconds. This brain teaser is just another fun way to test your IQ. However, taking an actual IQ test is a good way to find out your IQ level.

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