Brain Teaser Challenge: Can You Tell Which Butterfly Will Reach The Flower First within 13 Seconds?

Brain Teaser Challenge: What’s fun and also improves intelligence? A challenge for the mind! Puzzles, riddles and other tests are often used to measure intelligence, observation skills, memory, etc. of a person.

Riddles come in various forms, but the most popular are those that stimulate both the eyes and the mind. Puzzles are also a proven mood booster by putting you in a competitive environment and triggering a dopamine rush.

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Today, we bring you one of those immersive and exciting challenges.

Whether you feel bored at work, sleepy, or just want to test your wits, then this brain teaser is for you. It will test your observation skills and IQ.

So open your eyes wide and immerse yourself in this mental challenge.

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Brain Teaser Challenge: Find in 13 seconds which butterfly will reach the flower first?

Brain Teaser Challenge: Which butterfly reaches the flower in the maze?

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Butterflies are one of the most impressive creatures on Earth. These colorful winged insects are effective pollinators and enhance the beauty of any garden. But to do this they need to feed on the nectar of flowers.

Here is a special scenario for you to analyze.

There are five butterflies in a garden and they want to reach the flower. But the flower is at the end of an intricate labyrinth. Some paths are long and others have no end. It’s up to you to find out which butterfly will reach the flower first.

However, you only have 13 seconds to do it.

Do you have what it takes?

Yeah? Then do it. Your time starts now.

TIC Tac…

TIC Tac…

Time is running out!

Do you need a clue? Well, butterfly D definitely won’t get to the flower first.

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Puzzle Challenge Solution

Brain Teaser Challenge: Which butterfly reaches the flower in the maze?  Solution

It’s time for answers now.

Butterfly B will reach the flower first and enjoy the sweet nectar.

Did you have fun solving this brain teaser?

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