Brain Teaser: Can You Help the Police Catch the Bacon Thief in 4 Seconds? Test Your Detective Skills!

Are you feeling tired lately? Like you don’t want to do anything, but you have to do it because… life?

These are signs of exhaustion. What you need is a lot of rest and a refresher.

Luckily for you, we have a solution for that. Puzzles are a proven way to improve your mood and give your brain a much-needed refreshment.

When solved regularly, puzzles are known to greatly improve lateral thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Acting as the icing on the cake, the puzzles are also a lot of fun to solve.

So, are you ready to have fun and exercise your brain at the same time?

We hope so because we have a visual puzzle prepared for you that will require you to coordinate your senses with your brain.

The answer to this riddle is provided at the end of this article. But don’t go directly to the answer.

We’ll start when it’s ready.


Puzzle: Catch the bacon thief in 4 seconds

This brain teaser will test your detective skills and observation skills. Are you fit to be a detective? Let’s try it here.

Look at the image below.


Source: 7 Second Riddles

There is a small vendor on the central street that sells groceries and meats. A man disguised as a businessman approached the seller, stole kilos of bacon and fled. The seller has contacted the police to catch the thief. Can you help the police catch the thief before he escapes?

The thief is intelligent and fits perfectly into a crowd of businessmen. He quickly catches him before he runs away.

Get prepared. The challenge is about to begin.

And your time begins now!

All the best.

You only have 4 seconds to catch the thief before he runs away for good.

Meanwhile, can you find the light bulb in 4 seconds?

This is a test of your detective skills. However, we won’t judge you if you don’t manage to catch the thief in the given time.

The clock is ticking.



And 1

Time’s up, guys!

Have you solved this brain teaser?

If your answer is yes, congratulations, you will be a great detective.

Scroll down to see the answer to this riddle.

Puzzle Answer


Source: 7 Second Riddles

The man with the blue coat and the brown suitcase is the bacon thief. What did he give him away? Well, he stole the bacon and kept it in his suitcase; However, the smell of meat attracted the dog and he managed to get caught.

If you were able to solve this puzzle problem in 4 seconds then you have great detective skills.

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