Black Ops: Cold War – Operation Chaos mission: How to Decrypt the Floppy Disk Code explained

Operation Chaos is an optional side mission in the Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War campaign.

This requires you to find hidden evidence in the main set of story missions. Once you have found these collectibles, you will need to check them in the safe house to solve a puzzle and access the mission at hand.

Although the test locations within each mission are fixed, for each player, the clues you are given and the answers you need to find for the puzzle itself are randomized for each player. As such, you must understand how the puzzle works in order to solve it.

This page explains where to find the three Operation Chaos evidence locations throughout the Black Ops – Cold War campaign and how to decrypt the floppy disk when ready.

In this page:

Digital Foundry provides technical analysis of the Black Ops: Cold War beta.

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How Operation Chaos works and Decrypting the Floppy Disk

Operation Chaos, which opens after completing the Fracture Jaw quest, appears on the evidence board along with another side quest, Operation Red Circus.

Inside is a side quest that you can’t access until you decrypt the floppy disk. To do so, you must enter a code and passphrase, which are obtained by finding evidence in missions.

You must play three campaign missions (Nowhere Left To Run, Brick in the Wall and Redlight, Greenlight) and find the evidence hidden in each one. Once you’ve done that and can return to the safe house, access the quest board and start looking for evidence to solve the puzzle and access the quest.

So, first things first: let’s look for that evidence. You can find all of the evidence on the first playthrough of a mission, and if you forget to collect any, remember that you can replay any mission from the mission board or from the Campaign area of ​​the main menu.

Nowhere Left to Run Evidence Location Explained for Operation Chaos

Halfway through the initial mission Nowhere Left to Run, you interrogate Qasim on the rooftop.

Select dialogue options here that don’t throw you off the ceiling. Doing so will give you the evidence.

Once you have it, the choice of what to do next is yours: whether to capture it, throw it, or release it.

Brick in the Wall Evidence Location for Operation Chaos Explained

About halfway through the third mission, Brick in the Wall, you’ll meet an informant in a bar. You will be given an optional objective: rescue or silence the informant, which you can perform shortly after.

The side quest marker will appear when you go up the stairs and reach the outside balcony of the next building. Head there – it’s easy to get to from the balcony if you hug the left wall and walk through the buildings.

When you come back out, kill the guard outside the door, pick the lock, and enter. There are three guards sitting around the informant in the basement, and all of them can be eliminated without being seen.

It’s up to you to shoot or rescue the informant, as the evidence you need is on the table.

Now the mission continues. Note that there is some evidence from Operation Red Circus to collect later, which you can also obtain along the way.

Red light, green light evidence location for Operation Chaos explained

In the Redlight mission, Greenlight, there is an optional objective to collect photo information throughout the mission. These are maps spread throughout the level, with six in total to find, and finding three of them will give you the evidence you need for this mission.

Any three will do. To help, our dedicated Redlight locations page, Greenlight Photo Intel will show you where to find all six.

How to decrypt the floppy disk and solve the Operation Chaos puzzle

Once you have all three pieces of evidence, go to Operation Chaos on the mission board, then inspect each piece of evidence more closely to find their clues.

You must find a code (four numbers) and a password phase (a city) by linking the details in the three files. Having a pencil and paper on hand can be helpful, although remember that you can make a mistake and try again if you mess something up.

Last important point: for each player, the clues you are given and the answers you must find are random for each player. As such, you must understand how the puzzle works in order to solve it.

This is how you get the clues you need, evidence after evidence:

Observer Cover

This is the simplest of the three: there will be some red letters that stand out from the rest of the black newspaper text; in our example, it is ENERDV. Remember, yours will be different.

A coded message

There will be a row of numbers, with two cells containing question marks. The goal here is to split the colored numbers into their own sequences and then figure out what these missing two-digit numbers are based on the pattern presented in the sequence.

In our case, the red numbers are 13, ??, 27, 31, 33; the missing number is 21. Here, the numbers increase by half each time: the difference between 13 and 21 is 8, 21 and 27 is 6, 27 and 31 are 4, and 31 and 33 are 2.

Meanwhile, the black numbers are 87, 90, 93, ??, 99; the missing number is 96, since the pattern increases by three each time.

This gives us the four-digit code 2196. Again, yours will be different, but we’ll use ours to show you how to solve the final steps.

If you’re stuck on any of the patterns, remember that you technically only need one set of numbers, and we’ll explain why in a second.

Numbers Station Broadcast

This is a list of cities and numbers, which you should focus on. (You can ignore the audio; it’s just reading what’s on the page.)

One of the cities will be an anagram of the red text on the Observer’s front page; in our case it was ENERDV, so this is Denver.

Meanwhile, a set of numbers will fit into the question marks of a coded message to complete the pattern. In our example, this would be 2196. (You may only need the two leading or trailing numbers here if you are having difficulty deciphering the entire sequence of an encrypted message.)

Now there is one more step to take. Now you need to see what the respective numbers and city are. next These are get the final code and passphrase. So for us, if we look at Denver and 2196, the corresponding entries next to them are Boise and 7167.

Once you have the solution, head to Decrypt Floppy Disk and enter it: first the numbers and then the letters. This will unlock the Operation Chaos side quest.

The mission itself is pretty simple: just follow the points, shoot down the target, and return to the helicopter.

If you haven’t already, it’s also worth completing Operation Red Circus before moving on to the final set of missions.

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