Animal Crossing clothes: How to change appearance and get new clothing in Pocket Camp

In a customization game, Animal Crossing clothing is one of the most important parts of changing your appearance.

There are several ways to get new clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, and despite a warning during the tutorial, fortunately it’s very easy to edit your villager, from their face to their hair, eye color, and more, at any time.

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Where to get new clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Once you’ve completed the tutorial in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you’ll be able to jump onto the map and explore a variety of new areas nearby.

One of them is the Market to the left of your camp, which will be your main source of new items for both your villager and your camp.

In the middle of the market is Mabel, who will have several items on sale for you to purchase.

The options will cycle periodically (the Map screen will inform you of the next change), so if there’s nothing you like, come back later. If there is, tap it and select buy it, and it will be added to your inventory, as long as you have enough bells, of course.

In addition to the Market Place, there are other ways to get new clothes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp:

  • Unique clothing awarded as a login streak bonus
  • Buy secondhand clothes at another player’s Market Box.
  • Reach a high enough friendship level with an animal to earn exclusive clothing.
  • Spend My Nintendo points to get exclusive clothing

There will also likely be more ways to earn clothing as the game receives seasonal updates. If you want to see all the clothing available, press the More button at the bottom right of the screen, then Catalog.

How to change clothes and appearance in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

To change out of your default clothing, select the Items tab at the bottom of the screen, which will display all of your collected items, from resources to fruit.

There is a clothing tab here. Select it and you will be able to see everything you own. Tap an item to read more information about it, as well as an option to equip it.

How to change your villager’s appearance

If you want to go beyond clothing and change your physical appearance (hair, eye color, etc., essentially any of the choices you made during the game’s tutorial), then that is possible at any time and at no cost.

Head to the More area of ​​the menu at the bottom right of the screen, then Settings, then Edit Character. Then the same character editor that you found at the beginning of the game will appear.

The only option you won’t be able to change is the gender, which seems to be fixed since you started playing.

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