Pokémon Go Trainer Raid Achievements list as part of the Together We Raid update explained

Raid achievements are the main addition to the new Together We Raid update in Pokémon Go.

These new achievements grant trainers feats based on their performance in the raid, from the most damage dealt to the largest Pokémon that joined the fight.

On top of this, the Together We Raid update brings a visual update to raids and gyms, with bolder transitions and a new arena to fight in. Ultimately, though, raids work exactly the same: go in with your best counters and then try to trap the enemy. Pokémon when the Raid ends.

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Fighting and catching Regigigas in Pokémon Go’s Together We Raid update

How Raid Achievements and Achievement Rewards Work in Pokémon Go Explained

Raid achievements are rewarded at the end of an encounter, before the rewards and Pokémon capture screen appear.

Achievements range from skill within a raid, such as using the most charged attacks to make the final attack, to more novel feats, such as having the tallest Pokémon in battle or being the player who has joined from the furthest away.

Although you can save your achievements as an image on your device, rewarded achievements are not cataloged anywhere; Instead, they simply go towards the Raid Expert medal, which rewards you for the number of achievements you’ve received in total.

This means you can participate in Raids without worrying about pursuing a specific objective. This is useful as early experience suggests that achievements are somewhat unpredictable – seeing the Style Savant achievement come to players with minimal avatar changes, for example.

Other types of achievements don’t feel like a reward at all: as a solo raider, we got the “deliver the final attack” achievement, for example, which would probably be a given since there was no one else around to finish the raid.

Only a limited number of players will receive achievements as rewards at the end of a raid. In our experience, a raid of six only awarded achievements to three players, while others rewarded five for larger groups. This limited number could be why it might be worth working towards one or two specific achievements, although from everything we’ve seen, what you’ll receive will still be random.

List of Trainer Raid Achievements in Pokémon Go

Below is a list of raid achievements confirmed so far, including those added in December 2021. As mentioned above, only some players will get an achievement and even if they are awarded slightly randomly, the good news is that the game just counts. whatever you get for the raid expert medal.

The confirmed Trainer Raid achievements we know about so far include:

  • Final Blow: Performed the final attack.
  • Loaded and Ready: Performed the most charged attacks
  • The hardest hitter: caused the most total damage
  • He had the Pokémon that survived the longest
  • He had the tallest Pokémon.
  • Traveler: Joined via remote raid from the furthest distance.
  • Style Savant: Style award for your avatar
  • Use a Mega Pokémon
  • Walk Star: Yesterday I walked a long distance
  • Raid Buddy: You brought a friend into battle
  • Flush with Friends: Raided with a Complete Set of Five Invitations

The Season of Adventure Abundance is here! You can also work on the Timed Investigation: Master Ball mission and compete in Go Battle League. Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, complete routes, use Daily Adventure Incense for a chance to encounter Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres. This incense can also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Everything you need to know about the Together We Raid update in Pokémon Go

While the Trainer Raid achievements are the most tangible addition to the game as part of the Together We Raid update (which is ultimately used to unlock a new medal), it is otherwise a cosmetic update for the Raid and Gym encounters. .

Major changes include a larger stadium with more spectators and the raid lobby transition screen color matching the team currently occupying the gym. You can watch the video embedded at the top of this article to see what it all looks like.

Otherwise, the music, sound effects, and opening lobby remain the same, as does the capture encounter at the end. The recent ‘bug’ of not being able to skip rewards as they arrive seems to persist, suggesting this could be an intentional feature, which will prove frustrating during events where you want to clear as many raids as possible.

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