All Fall Guys Crown Clash rewards and how to unlock Rocket League and Fortnite rewards

The Crown Clash collaboration event between Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League links titles published by Epic Games during the event, allowing you to earn rewards on all three.

It’s a limited-time event, so it’s good to know how to unlock Crown Clash rewards, including the Major Mancake skin in Fortnite, as soon as you can, to earn those rewards before the Fall Guys event ends.

Please note that this particular challenge can no longer be completed. What’s new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection, and Eren Jaeger skin. It’s a good idea to know how to get XP quickly in Fortnite.

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How to unlock Crown Clash rewards in Fortnite, Fall Guys and Rocket League

To unlock Crown Clash rewards in Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League, you just need to play Fall Guys. You’ll then earn a reward across all three games once you complete each of the event challenges. The Crown Clash event will take place from Wednesday, June 29 to Monday, July 11.

It’s important to link all three games with the same Epic Games account, or you won’t receive any rewards for completing challenges in Crown Clash in Fortnite or Rocket League. However, you can still earn Fall Guys rewards.

There are five challenges in the Fall Guys Crown Clash event:

  • Play 10 rounds at any show.
  • Play 20 rounds at any show.
  • Play 40 rounds at any show.
  • Play 70 rounds at any show.
  • Play 100 rounds at any show.

Rounds are the mini-games that you compete in during an entire match. You don’t need to qualify in one to progress through a challenge, so simply play rounds to unlock Crown Clash rewards in all three games.

Since you can unlock Crown Clash rewards by playing any program, you can progress through the event alone, as a duo, or as a team. You can even play the rotating special that changes every few days in the “Live Shows” menu.

You can play any show to unlock Crown Clash rewards.

After completing one of the challenges in Fall Guys, a Crown Clash reward will be unlocked in Fortnite and Rocket League, as well as Fall Guys. They should be automatically added to your account as long as you’ve linked all three titles to the same Epic Games account.

There may be a delay of a few hours in rewards being added to your Fortnite and Rocket League accounts, but you can continue playing rounds in Fall Guys while you wait to advance to the next reward, even if the previous one hasn’t been unlocked yet. .

Fall Guys Season 2 is here! You can play on eight new Season 2 maps and earn free and premium rewards with the Battle Pass, including Kudos, and you can get even more goodies by earning crowns and crown shards, and linking your Amazon account to get a new costume of Prime Gaming every month.

Fortnite Clash of Crowns Rewards

There are five free rewards that you will get in Fortnite by completing the Crown Clash challenges in Fall Guys:

  • Stacked! Spray: Play 10 rounds in any Show
  • Stacked With Love Emoticon – Play 20 rounds at any show
  • Sweet Clementine Picking Tool – Play 40 rounds at any show
  • Waffler Back Bling – Play 70 rounds at any show
  • Major Mancake Suit: Play 100 rounds at any show

After completing a Crown Clash challenge in Fall Guys, it may take a few hours until you receive your Fortnite rewards. I got my Fortnite rewards about two hours after completing the challenges in Fall Guys and restarting both games once.

Fall Guys Crown Clash Rewards

There are five rewards you’ll get in Fall Guys for completing Crown Clash challenges:

  • 300 Kudos: Play 10 rounds in any Show
  • 500 Kudos: Play 20 rounds in any Show
  • 800 Kudos: Play 40 rounds in any Show
  • 1000 Kudos – Play 70 rounds at any show
  • 1200 Kudos – Play 100 rounds at any show

There shouldn’t be a delay with rewards, so Kudos will be added to your Fall Guys total immediately after you complete a challenge. If the Kudos are not added to your total immediately, try restarting the game.

Rocket League Clash of Crowns Rewards

According to reliable leaker iFireMonkey on Twitter (via his alternate account), five free Rocket League rewards will be awarded for completing Fall Guys Crown Clash challenges.

Fall Guys x Fortnite/Rocket League Recap

Crown Clash- Announced tomorrow at 9am ET- Will run from June 29 to July 11- 5 free Fortnite rewards- 5 free Rocket League rewards- 3,500 free Fall Guys kudos- Challenges are just game shows ( 100 total programs to complete)

— 🎄 Santa Ricky (@_FireMonkey) June 28, 2022
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Their Fortnite reward and date leaks for the event were accurate, and five rewards for Rocket League make sense, as there are five challenges in the Fall Guys event.

Here are the five Crown Clash Rocket League rewards:

  • Colorful Canines Limited Player Banner – Play 10 rounds at any show
  • Colorful Canines Limited Ornament – Play 20 rounds at any show
  • Medicine. Limited Rare Wheels – Play 40 rounds at any show
  • Animated Octane Decal: Cluster Buster Limited – Play 70 rounds on any program
  • Fallout Limited Rocket Boost – Play 100 rounds at any show

I hope you enjoy the Crown Clash event!

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