You have unrivaled observation skills if you can spot the hermit on the mountain in 5 seconds!

Visual quiz puzzles are meant to test your observation skills and attention to detail. The concept of these online puzzles is simple: all you have to do is find the object/animal/person hidden in a picture and do it before time runs out. Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s start.

Find the hermit in 5 seconds

Look at the image below:


Source: flickr

The image above shows a nice view of the mountains. There is a lonely cabin in the mountains. There is a wooden fence surrounding the cabin and there are stones in front. There is a jug of water on top of the small rocks and mushrooms growing on the ground. The pretty cabin belongs to a hermit who is also present in the image. Although the hermit is not visible, he is there. You just have to find it. You know the drill: Grab your phones and then set the timer for 5 seconds.

You have hawk eyes if you can spot 3 words hidden in the garden picture in 12 seconds!

Ready or not, your time begins now. Good luck, people. The key to finding the person hidden in this visual puzzle is your perspective. Your perspective plays a big role in what you see. Sometimes, because of this, you fail to see what is in front of you. And the same goes for this illustrated puzzle as well. The hermit is right under your nose, he tries to change your perspective and see if you can see him. Hurry up though. Time is running out.

The solution is just below. Scroll down to see it.

Visual test solution

The hermit was hiding near the rocks. See:


Source: flickr

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