You have high brain power if you can spot 2 antelopes in the rocks in 5 seconds!

Optical illusion: Illusion is derived from the Latin verb. delusion, which means to mock or deceive. Optical illusion images are designed to trick the human mind and are considered one of the simplest tests to determine attention and cognitive ability.

These illusions work by manipulating the way our brain perceives visual information, often leading to misinterpretations of reality. For example, the famous “Rubin vase” illusion can look like one vase or two faces, depending on how the brain processes the image.

Neuroscientists have used images of optical illusions to study how the brain creates the perception of reality.

People who practice optical illusion puzzles regularly appear to have better observation and problem-solving skills than their peers.

Are you ready for a quick test of your observation skills?

Then try this challenge now!

You have a lot of attention to detail if you can identify the object hidden in the raindrops in 9 seconds!

Optical illusion: find two antelopes on the rocks in 5 seconds


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The image above shows a forest scene where you can see large rocks.

Blended perfectly with the rocks are two antelope and the challenge is to spot the camouflaged antelope within 5 seconds.

Finding camouflaged antelopes is a difficult task and people with excellent observation skills can achieve it within the time limit.

The key to spotting the camouflaged antelope in this image is an excellent eye for detail.

How many of you have seen antelopes?

If you look closely, you can spot the antelopes.

The way they have mixed in with the rocks tricks your eyes and brain, making them difficult to detect.

Hurry up; the clock runs fast.

Have you successfully seen one of the antelopes?

There’s not much time left.

Scan the image one more time and see if you can spot anything that looks like an antelope.


Time is over.

Hopefully, some of the more intelligent and insightful individuals will have already seen the antelopes.

You all deserve a big applause for getting the

Those who failed to detect it should not be disappointed.

This was a tough challenge and you can always improve with practice.

Wondering where the antelopes are?

See the solution below.

Find two antelope on the rocks in 5 seconds – Solution

The two hidden antelope can be seen on the right and left side of the image and their location is marked with circles for easy identification.


Fun Fact:

The antelope shown in the image above are gazelles, which are the most famous members of the antelope family. They are said to have very agile legs and can even run faster than an African lion.

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