You have a superior IQ than 97% of people if you can identify the thief in 8 seconds!

Riddles: Riddles are images that are intriguing in nature and arouse the curiosity of the readers. They stimulate the brain by activating the logical and analytical centers of the brain.

These challenges have different levels of difficulty and readers must use logical and analytical thinking to solve the puzzle.

Regular practice of puzzles keeps the brain alert and helps prevent cognitive decline in adults.

Readers are presented with one of those puzzles where they must identify the dish that is not safe to eat.

Are you ready to test your logical and analytical skills?

Then find the thief in 8 seconds.

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Puzzle – Find the thief in 8 seconds


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows the names of four people: Alex, Ben, Rick and Maria.

These 4 people are possible suspects in a robbery that occurred in the neighborhood.

When the police questioned them, they all said they were at home because it was snowing at that time. But one of them is the thief.

The challenge for you is to find the thief. You have 8 seconds of time.

The clue to locate the thief is present in the image.

To solve this enigma you have to be very attentive and study the image carefully.

This is a moderate level challenge and people with high intelligence and excellent attention to detail will solve the puzzle faster than others.

How many of you have identified the thief?

Hurry up; there’s not much time left.

Look at the image again and study the four suspects carefully.

Did you identify the thief?

The last seconds remain.

Two one…


Time is over.

Have you seen the thief?

Hopefully, most of you already have an answer.

There may be some who have not yet been able to find the thief.

Don’t be discouraged, with regular practice you will improve your problem-solving skills.

Curious to know who the thief is?

See the solution below.

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Puzzle – Solution

If you study the picture closely, you can see that all the other cars are parked and the driveway is clear, except for Rick’s.

His driveway is filled with snow, suggesting that he was outside at the time of the snowfall and therefore he is the thief.


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