You have a high IQ if you can spot the mistake in the kitchen picture in 5 seconds!

Brain teasers are riddles or riddles that require deductive reasoning to solve. Puzzles usually require some type of reasoning, such as looking at clues given in a picture and coming up with the solution; or observation skills, where you have to find the word, object or number that is hidden in an image.

They are very ubiquitous in our daily lives and are believed to be one of the best strategies to improve mental performance. There are many different types of puzzles. Some are complex, while others are simple.

These riddles are great for mental stimulation and improving cognitive skills. To encourage your cognitive powers, we are here with another brain teaser. Are you ready to start?

Find the error in 5 seconds


Source: Bright Side

The image above shows a view of a kitchen. A woman can be seen standing in the kitchen, near a boiling pot. Now as you already know there is a bug in this picture puzzle and you have to find it in just 5 seconds. The error in this brain puzzle is quite obvious and you will be able to detect it easily. You already know what to do. Grab your phone and/or watch, set a timer for 5 seconds, and get started. The answer to this riddle is at the end of the article.

Have you already found the error? Time is ticking and soon you will run out of time. Hurry up.

Start the count down.



And 1.

Your time is up, guys. Could you spot the error in the image? If you were, then congratulations. Scroll down to see the solution.

Puzzle solution

The woman was stirring the pot with a tiny spoon. Take a look for yourself:


Source: Bright Side

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