Yakuza: Like a Dragon Poundmate locations: How to unlock all summons explained

Summons are a powerful ability in any role-playing game, and strangely enough, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is no different.

In a bizarre contemporary twist, Kasuga can use a smartphone app called Poundmates to summon forth an ally that can deliver a powerful attack and / or buff your allies or debuff your enemies.

This page explains how summoning works in Yakuza: Like a Dragon and how you can unlock all the Poundmates in the game.

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How Poundmate summons work in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

To get the Poundmates app, you first have to complete ‘Substory 5: A Trip to Pound Town’. This should automatically trigger in Chapter 4 on your party’s second visit to Otohime Land.

Completing this substory will unlock your first Poundmate as well as the app on your smartphone, and you can select Poundmates in battle via the Etc. tab.

Unlocking more Poundmates largely requires you to complete relevant substories that appear over time throughout the game. Once you start a substory, you just need to head towards the blue quest icon on the map to trigger the next part, making them fairly straightforward to follow.

While Poundmates don’t cost MP, they do cost money to use each time, and the price varies, as they are grouped into bronze, silver and gold tiers.

The good news is that the first time you call them is free! To make sure you’re never low on funds, check out our Yakuza: Like a Dragon money making page.

There are a few restrictions when using Poundmates. You can only summon each one once in a single battle, thereafter they have a cooldown between battles before they can be summoned again.

Others also have conditions such as only being available during the day or at night (unfortunately, the time of day is largely restricted to where you are in the story).

On a few occasions, you might find that you can’t summon anyone because your smartphone has no reception in that location.

Poundmates can be incredibly useful in battle, whether it’s to clear a large group early on to focus on one tougher enemy or when you need a last-minute back-up. It’s also worth watching the hilarious summoning sequences!

How to unlock Gary Buster Holmes in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (bronze Poundmate)

Gary Buster Holmes is unlocked after completing ‘Substory 4: A Trip to Pound Town’, which automatically happens in the story in Chapter 4, so doesn’t require any special steps.

How to unlock Patriarch Gondawara in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (bronze Poundmate)

Patriarch Gondawara can be unlocked by completing ‘Substory 7: Baby don’t cry’.

This is available from Chapter 4 after unlocking Poundmates.

Specifically, it can be triggered by approaching a yakuza harassing a man holding a tub of baby formula near Otohime Land.

The rest of the steps are straightforward to follow.

We won’t say more here – other than this is probably one of the weirdest substories you’ll encounter.

How to unlock Tosanoyama in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (bronze Poundmate)

Sumo wrestler Tosanoyama is one of a few interesting characters to appear in ‘Substory 9: Persimmon Premonition’.

To access this, you first have to complete ‘Substory 6: It’s the thought that counts’, by speaking to the homeless man by the river next to the homeless shelter.

One of the tasks you’re given in Substory 6 requires you to fight a group of martial arts students practising in a vacant lot just next door to the Survive bar West of Ijincho in the bar district.

This lot also has a persimmon tree, which is where you’ll need to return to trigger Substory 9.

You’ll end up fighting three different enemies, including Tosanoyama, although each encounter requires returning to the lot.

After one fight, you only need to wander around for a short while before the next encounter becomes available if you want to unlock Tosanoyama right away.

But since Survive becomes your hideout later anyway, it makes sense to just check up on the persimmon tree each time you happen to be there.

How to unlock Nancy-Chan in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (bronze Poundmate)

The crawfish Nancy-chan can be unlocked by completing ‘Substory 16: The Crawfish Caper’, which becomes available from Chapter 5.

To activate it, just walk over Sunrise Bridge opposite the homeless camp and you should spot a crawfish on the bridge (a party chat can also be triggered here).

You’ll have to help the homeless man find Nancy by climbing down under Tsurukame Bridge.

There’s a number of crawfish here but you’re looking for one that has an X on its back, which should be tucked away in the corner just as you come down from the ladder.

Return to the homeless man and in order to rescue Nancy, you need to bring him a Premium Sushi Set, which you can buy for 2,000 yen from Poppo.

Be aware that the nearest one to the homeless camp doesn’t sell it so you have to trek a bit further to the one near Jinnai Station.

How to unlock Kiyoe Shirakawa in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (bronze Poundmate)

Also available from Chapter 5, you can unlock Kiyoe Shirakwa by completing ‘Substory 17: A love worth fighting for’.

She’s the lady serving soup to the homeless just around the corner of the homeless camp and across the road from the Poppo store, and if you speak to her, she’ll even give you some hearty pork soup!

However, the person you want to talk to during this quest is a homeless man called Kuroi.

A bit like Substory 9, this quest requires you to return to the soup kitchen multiple times to speak to Kuroi in order to advance the story. After doing this a few times, it will culminate in a scene outside Seagull Cinema. Just go there, win the fight and you’ll unlock Shirakawa.

How to unlock Mr. Masochist in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (bronze Poundmate)

Mr. Masochist can be unlocked from Chapter 7 by completing ‘Substory 24: Fifty Shades of Play’.

This quest can be found in a car park next to Otohime Land where you’ll meet a dominatrix called Yumiko who’s surrounded by a group of women.

After speaking to her, head down to another soapland around the corner where another cutscene plays, this time introducing you to Mr. Masochist.

Follow this quest to find him again standing next to a tree and speak to him to initiate a fight, only you won’t actually defeat him.

For the next sequence, go to the Poppo on Tsurukame Highway at night and you will meet Yumiko again in her dayjob.

After you’ve spoken to her, speak to the old lady at the store and this advances the story and culminates in a battle. Win that and Mr. Masochist is yours.

How to unlock Omelette in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (silver Poundmate)

Omelette the chicken is available after you’ve been introduced to the management mini-game during the story, so there are no special steps to take.

How to unlock Robson in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (silver Poundmate)

To get Robson, a cat that transforms into a powerful tiger, first you have to complete the Part-time Hero quest to find all 9 lost cats for Hiro.

This quest is available from Chapter 5 after you’ve met Hiro and visited the Part-time Hero office once.

Once you find all 9 cats, speak to Hiro to collect your reward and then he’ll tell you about another lost cat called Robson.

Although he says it’s difficult to find him, his location is actually at Hamakita Park on the most north eastern side of the map, where he is perched on a post.

After you’ve found Robson, just see Hiro again at the Part-time Hero office and not only do you unlock Robson as a powerful summon, you also get a nice 1,000,000 yen reward!

How to unlock Il Yu-Jin in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (silver Poundmate)

Il Yu-Jin can be unlocked from Chapter 7 by completing ‘Substory 25: Fading Star’.

This can be found by entering the Korean restaurant Eomeoni’s Vow located in the centre of Koreatown, and just before entering the Geomijul’s hideout. Inside you’ll see a cutscene introducing you to washed up Korean actor Il Yu-Jin.

Follow the blue quest icon to find Il Yu-Jin again at Bar Rodriguez and trigger a fight.

The next time you see him he’ll be sitting at a bench in Hamakita Park and ask for water.

If you don’t have one to hand, you can buy a bottle of mineral water from one of the vending machines.

After this, the next event should be around the corner from Akaushimaru where you’ll run into Il Yu-Jin looking more like his old self but being harassed by a journalist. Win this fight and you’ll unlock Il Yu-Jin as a Poundmate.

How to unlock Megumi in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (silver Poundmate)

Unlocking Megumi is a two-parter. First you have to complete ‘Substory 22: An Act of Kindness’, which is available from Chapter 7.

To do this, first look for Megumi, who will be trying to collect donations at a roadside next to the Jinnai station taxi point. You can donate as much as you like to begin the quest.

Come back to see her again and suggest that she relocate to the restaurant.

Next go to the Old Mountain restaurant to trigger the next cutscene. Afterwards, follow the blue quest icon to outside the Lin Lin hostess bar, win the fight then go back and speak to Megumi.

The second part of the quest ‘Substory 23: Warmest Wishes’ is available from Chapter 9 and requires you to speak to Megumi outside the restaurant again.

In order to complete this substory, you need to have 1,000,000 yen on you where you’ll then be given the option to visit the hospital when you approach a taxi. (If you’re in need of cash quickly, our Yakuza money making page can help.)

After this, go speak to Megumi to complete the quest and unlock her as a Poundmate.

How to unlock Jiei-san in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (silver Poundmate)

Jiei-san can be unlocked from Chapter 9 by completing ‘Substory 26: The Masked Murderer’.

Just head to Fukutokucho in Koreatown to trigger this quest then follow the blue quest icon nearby at night.

A cutscene will trigger where you encounter and fight Jiei-san.

Beat him and then watch the cutscene afterwards to unlock him as a Poundmate.

How to unlock Ono Michio in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (silver Poundmate)

The lovable mascot from Yakuza 6 is back and you can summon him after completing another two-parter.

Available from Chapter 9, ‘Substory 29: The Michio Minefield’ is triggered by heading to the corner to Chinatown where you’ll run into Hironaka, Ono Michio’s brand manager.

You’ll have to help him pick up all 7 of the real Ono Michio figurines that have been scattered on the ground and mixed up with counterfeits.

It’s not hard to tell the real deal from the knock-offs, although you don’t get to pick each one up and examine closely, so just closely study each one you can in first-person mode before picking it up.

If you do pick up the wrong one, it will blow up in your face and you’ll lose HP, so be careful!

Once you’ve completed this, walk around to the Club SEGA in Chinatown and you’ll trigger ‘Substory 30: Fauxno Michio’ where a guy wearing a fake Michio costume is selling the knock-off figurines at a stall. Just win the subsequent battle and you’ll unlock Ono Michio!

How to unlock Taka the Striker in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (silver Poundmate)

Taka can be unlocked from Chapter 9 by completing ‘Substory 34: Bros Till the End’.

This can be triggered at the entrance to Hamakita Park northeast of the map. The group of brightly coloured bikers should be a giveaway.

After speaking to Taka, the biker in purple, leave the area for a moment and return, where you’ll then have to look for Taka.

Follow the blue quest icon and you’ll find his bike parked outside a building in the commercial district not far from Hello Work.

Go inside, beat up the bad guys and you’ll unlock Taka as a Poundmate.

How to unlock Chau Ka Long in Yakuza: Like a Dragon (silver Poundmate)

This one can be easy to miss as you first need to unlock the underground gambling hall, which is located under Kinka Bridge just north of Survive Bar.

To access this the first time, head to the bridge corner across from Kinka Pharmacy and you’ll be stopped by two guys. If your confidence is at least Level 5, they’ll let you enter the gambling hall.

Once that’s done, ‘Substory 36: Whispers of the Underworld’ will be available from Chapter 9. Start this by speaking to Iroha at Survive Bar and she’ll give you a tip off and a password.

Next, go to talk to the guy at Zhou Long Distribution, the little shopfront on Ijin Street across from the Lin Lin hostess bar and choose the password ‘Lau Chau Chau Ya’, which will initiate a battle.

Win this and then the next blue icon will direct you to a spot under Kinka Bridge just outside of the gambling hall where you’ll meet Chau Ka Long, the owner of the secret weapon shop who sells some rare expensive gear.

To complete this substory and unlock Chau Ka Long as a Poundmate, just visit him again when your confidence level has reached Level 7.

How to unlock gold tier Poundmates in Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Note there are spoilers in how to unlock the following Poundmates in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Some of the most powerful summons actually unlock as part of the story, though each also costs a cool million, so be sure you’ve got ample cash flow.

You’ll get two towards the end of Chapter 12 and one other towards the end of Chapter 14.

Two additional Poundmates can be unlocked after Chapter 12 by visiting Kamulop in the fancy Hotel Grande Blu Marino just South East of Hamakita Park. Hopefully you’ve been saving up on the Tojo Clan crests you’ve found during the game because you’ll need 50 to unlock each one.

We won’t spoil who these summons are, save to say that series fans will definitely recognise them!

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