Word Puzzle: Can you spot the word ”pathologist” in 9 seconds?

Word Puzzle: Word Puzzle is a type of puzzle where you have to find the hidden word in a word grid. It is one of the popular online activities that can bring excitement and enthusiasm to the participants.

It is a great way to test your intelligence and observation skills by solving the puzzle within a time limit.

Do you like to test how attentive you are?

Then, search for the word “pathologist” in the word grid shared below in 9 seconds.

Try it now!

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Word puzzle: find the word “pathologist” in 9 seconds


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The image shared above shows a grid of letters. Hidden among the grid of letters is the word “pathologist.”

The challenge for you is to find the word in this letter grid in 9 seconds.

It’s a great way to test your observation and intelligence skills.

The word can be formed by arranging the letters from top to bottom, sideways, top to bottom, front to back and diagonally.

This is a moderate level challenge and people with good observation skills will be able to spot the word within the time limit.

The way the letters are arranged on the grid makes it difficult to identify them at first glance.

Did you see the word?

Focus on the image and see if you can derive any meaningful words from the word grid.

Hurry up; there isn’t much time left.


Two more seconds…



Time is over.

It was a good test of your attention and observation skills.

Have you managed to identify the word “pathologist”?

Congratulations to those who have discovered the word. You have excellent observation skills.

Those who could not identify the word can check the solution below.

Find the word “pathologist” in 9 seconds – Solution

The word “pathologist” can be seen in the second column on the left side of the image. Have a look.


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