Will Sailor Moon Cosmos be On Netflix? Where to Watch Sailor Moon Cosmos?

Sailor Moon Universe

“Sailor Moon Universe” is a new Japanese animated film released in 2023. The two-part film tells the story of Sailor Moon, based on the manga by Naoko Takeuchi. The film is a special finale to the “Sailor Moon Crystal” series, following the release of “Sailor Moon Eternal” in 2021. The story begins with Usagi and her friends enjoying a peaceful life until her boyfriend Wei mysteriously disappears.

Things get even more complicated when a group called Shadow Galactica, led by Sailor Galactica, begins stealing Starseeds from across the galaxy. To save her friends and face this powerful enemy, Usagi transforms into the Eternal Sailor Moon and joins forces with Sailor Starlight for an exciting and possibly final battle.

Featuring a talented cast of voice actors, the film will be released in Japan in June 2023. It continues the adventures of Sailor Moon and her friends as they face new challenges and powerful enemies while protecting the universe. Sailor Moon fans can look forward to this two-part epic film providing an exciting conclusion to the Sailor Moon Crystal franchise.

Will Sailor Moon Universe be on Netflix?

The release of Sailor Moon Universe on Netflix has not yet been confirmed, but it is likely that it will be available on Netflix. Looking at the release pattern of the last Sailor Moon movie, Sailor Moon Eternal, which opened in Japan and hit Netflix about five months later, Sailor Moon Universe will likely follow a similar schedule.

So fans eagerly awaiting the film’s release can keep an eye out for announcements, and if this pattern continues, they can expect to see Sailor Moon Universe on Netflix in late 2023 or early 2024.

Sailor Moon fans looking forward to watching “Sailor Moon Universe” are asked to wait patiently for the latest news. While an exact release date on Netflix has yet to be confirmed, the release pattern of the previous film suggests that it will likely hit the streaming platform in the near future, giving fans a chance to enjoy the conclusion to Usagi Tsukino’s cosmic adventure as Sailor Moon.


Where can I watch Sailor Moon Universe?

As of now, “Sailor Moon Universe” has not been officially released outside of Japan. The film is set to premiere in Japanese theaters in June 2023, but it has not yet been announced where international audiences can watch it. Fans eager to watch the two-part animated film will need to keep an eye out for updates and official announcements regarding its release on streaming platforms or in theaters outside of Japan.

Meanwhile, for those who want to catch up on the Sailor Moon series, the first three seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal are currently streaming on platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu, while Sailor Moon Eternal is also Can be watched online on Netflix. This allows fans to enjoy the early parts of the Sailor Moon story while waiting for Sailor Moon Universe to be released in the United States.

Sailor Moon Universe Plot

In the Sailor Moon Universe, the story takes place after the heroes defeat the Dead Moon Circus. Tsukino Usagi and her friends live a peaceful life in Tokyo as ordinary high school students.

But things take a sad turn when Usagi’s boyfriend Mamoru Chiba disappears after proposing to her at the airport. Usagi cannot accept his disappearance and hides the memory of that moment. Meanwhile, a bad organization called Shadow Galactica, led by Sailor Galactica, begins stealing Starseeds from across the galaxy.

The Sailor Starlight Group is a group of Sailor Guardians from another galaxy who also came to Earth. In order to save her friends and stop Sailor Galaxy’s evil plan, Usagi transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon and joins forces with Sailor Starlight to fight a powerful enemy in what may be her greatest challenge yet. The fate of the Milky Way may hang in the balance.

Sailor Moon Universe cast list


Japanese voice actor

Tsukino Usagi/Eternal Sailor Moon

Mitsuishi Kotono


Guangqiao Liang

Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask

Nojima Kenji

Ami Mizuno/Eternal Sailor Mercury

Hisako Kanemoto

Rei Hino/Eternal Sailor Mars

Rina Sato

Makoto Kino/Eternal Sailor Jupiter

Koshimizu Ami

Minako Aino/Eternal Sailor Venus

Shizuka Ito


Taishi Murata

Chibiusa/Eternal Sailor “KO Little Boxer” Moon

Fuyuan Miri


Shoko Nakagawa

Setsuna Pluto/Eternal Sailor Pluto

Maeda Ai

Haruka Uranus/Eternal Sailor Uranus

Minagawa Junko

Neptune / Forever Sailor Neptune

Sayaka Ohara

Tomoe/Eternal Sailor Saturn

Fujii Yukiyo

Light Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter

Marina Inoue

Daiki Yuki/Sailor Star Maker

Hayami yarn weaving

Kō Yaten/Sailor Star Healer

Sakura Ayane

Princess Hanajiu/Sailor Hanajiu

Mizuki Nana

“Red Cliff” – “Red Cliff”/Sailor “Red Cliff” – “Red Cliff Moon”

Mitsuishi Kotono

sailor universe

Kitagawa Keiko


Mitsuki Saiga

sailor galaxy

Megumi Hayashihara

Sailor Iron Mouse

Koizumi Sena

sailor aluminum siren

Ayumu Murase

sailor leader crow

Hikasa Yoko

Sailor Dinyanko

Ise Maria

Sailor heavy metal butterfly dog

Haruka Kudo

Sailor Wangchuan

Shiori Mikami

Sailor Mnemosyne

Kanae Ito

Sailor Fee

Mizusawa Fumie

Sailor’s Chronicle

Komatsu Yuka

Sailor Moon Universe release date

Sailor Moon Universe is an exciting two-part film premiering in Japanese theaters in June 2023. The first part of the movie hit screens on June 9th, and the thrilling second part followed suit, opening in Japan on the 30th of the same month. In the summer of 2023, Japanese fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the epic continuation of the Sailor Moon story on the big screen.

For those eagerly waiting to watch Sailor Moon Universe at home, the Japanese Blu-ray and DVD release is scheduled for December 20, 2023. This means fans who missed the theatrical release or just want to relive the magical adventure will have the opportunity to take the movie home during the holidays, making it a special treat for Sailor Moon fans.

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