Who are Leon Robinson Parents? Meet Leon Preston Robinson III and Antoinette Robinson

So who are Leon Robinson’s Parents? According to our research, Leon Robinson’s Parents are Leon Preston Robinson III and Antoinette Robinson. Leon Robinson is an American actor and singer born on March 8, 1962.

Real Name

Leon Robinson

Date of birth

March 8, 1962


61 years old 


6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)


95 kg (209 lbs)

Birth Place

New York, New York, United States




American actor and singer



Eye Colour

Dark Brown

Hair Colour


Zodiac Sign



Kirbie Wallace (M. 2017)

Kids/Children Name

Noelle Robinson


Leon Preston Robinson III and Antoinette Robinson






Who is Leon Robinson?

Leon Robinson, widely known in the entertainment industry as “Leon,” is a multifaceted American actor, musician, and film producer. Born on March 8, 1962, in New York City, Leon has carved a remarkable niche for himself in the world of entertainment through his versatile talents and dedication to his craft.

Leon’s acting career spans several decades, during which he has showcased his remarkable versatility and charisma on both the big screen and television. He gained early recognition for his role as David Ruffin in the critically acclaimed 1992 biographical film “The Temptations,” where his portrayal of the legendary R&B singer earned him widespread acclaim.

Leon is also a gifted musician. He embarked on a successful music career in the 1980s, releasing several albums and singles. His musical talents have allowed him to explore various genres, including R&B and reggae, adding depth to his artistic repertoire.His career, Leon has starred in a diverse range of films and television shows, including roles in “Cool Runnings,” “Above the Rim,” “Waiting to Exhale,” and “The Five Heartbeats.”

His ability to embody characters with depth and authenticity has earned him a dedicated fan base and respect within the industry.Leon’s contributions extend beyond the spotlight. He has also delved into film production, further establishing his presence in the entertainment world. His passion for storytelling and his commitment to promoting diversity in Hollywood have made him a prominent figure in advocating for inclusivity and equal opportunities in the film industry.



Leon Robinson Age

Leon Robinson, born on March 8, 1962, in New York City, celebrates his 61st birthday, and his journey through the world of entertainment continues to shine brightly. With each passing year, Leon’s age serves as a testament to his enduring passion and talent, inspiring audiences around the world.

Having begun his career in the 1980s, Leon’s age in 2023 is a reflection of the rich experiences and diverse roles he has embraced over the decades. His remarkable versatility as an actor and musician has not only allowed him to withstand the test of time but also to evolve and flourish as an artist.

Leon’s age is a symbol of his enduring commitment to his craft, his dedication to storytelling, and his unwavering advocacy for diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment industry. His journey from the streets of New York to the global stage is a testament to the possibilities that come with talent, hard work, and a steadfast belief in one’s dreams.

As Leon continues to grace the screen and stage with his presence, his age is a reminder that passion knows no boundaries and that the best chapters of life can unfold at any age. In 2023, we celebrate not just Leon’s age but the enduring legacy he continues to build, inspiring generations to come with his talent, resilience, and unwavering optimism.

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Leon Robinson Height and Weight

Leon Robinson, commonly known as “Leon,” possesses a striking physical presence that complements his versatile talents as an actor and musician. Standing tall at 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) and maintaining a weight of 95 kilograms (209 lbs), Leon’s imposing stature has not only contributed to his on-screen charisma but also reflects his dedication to maintaining a strong and healthy physique.

His height of 6 feet 3 inches provides him with a commanding presence that has been advantageous in many of his film and television roles. It allows him to effortlessly capture the attention of audiences and directors alike, lending authenticity and authority to the characters he portrays.

Leon’s weight of 95 kilograms is indicative of his muscular build and physical fitness. This combination of height and weight showcases his dedication to maintaining his physique, which has played a significant role in his ability to take on a diverse range of roles throughout his career.

In an industry where physical appearance often plays a crucial role, Leon’s tall and well-built frame has undoubtedly been an asset. It has allowed him to tackle roles that demand both physicality and presence, making him a versatile and sought-after actor in the entertainment world.Leon Robinson’s height and weight are not only integral to his personal identity but also integral to his success as an actor and musician, contributing to his enduring appeal and ability to captivate audiences on multiple fronts.

Physical Attributes



6 feet 3 inches (191 cm)


95 kg (209 lbs)

Leon Robinson Nationality

Leon Robinson, widely recognized by his stage name “Leon,” is an American actor and musician whose nationality is American. Born on March 8, 1962, in New York City, Leon’s citizenship is a reflection of his birthplace and upbringing within the United States.His prolific career in the entertainment industry, Leon has proudly represented his American heritage.

He has been an influential figure in American cinema, with roles in a diverse range of films and television shows that have earned him recognition and acclaim both nationally and internationally.Leon’s nationality is intertwined with his journey as an artist, as he has not only showcased his acting and musical talents but also contributed to the rich tapestry of American culture.

His work spans multiple genres, from drama to comedy, and his ability to embody characters from various backgrounds and walks of life is emblematic of the diversity and multiculturalism that define American entertainment.Leon’s nationality is also a reflection of his participation in American society, including his engagement in social and cultural initiatives.

His standing as an American national serves as a testament to the opportunities and creative freedom available to artists within the United States, making him a symbol of artistic achievement and cultural diversity within the nation.

Leon Robinson Career

  • Over Four Decades in Film and Television: Leon Robinson, a versatile American actor and singer, has enjoyed a prolific career spanning over four decades, leaving an indelible mark on both film and television.

  • Iconic Roles in The Temptations and “Like a Prayer” Video: Leon gained recognition for his portrayal of David Ruffin in the TV miniseries “The Temptations” and starred in Madonna’s controversial 1989 music video, “Like a Prayer,” showcasing his versatility as an artist.

  • Early Career in the 1980s: Leon kick-started his career in the early 1980s, embarking on a journey that would establish him as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

  • Notable Film Appearances: Throughout his career, Leon has graced the silver screen in various films, including:

    • “All the Right Moves” (1983)
    • “The Flamingo Kid” (1984)
    • “Band of the Hand” (1986)
    • “The Father Clements Story” (1987)
    • “The Lawless Land” (1988)
    • “Colors” (1988)
    • “The Women of Brewster Place” (1989)
    • “A Mother’s Courage” (1989)
  • Television Appearances: In addition to his film roles, Leon has made notable appearances in television series such as CBS’s “Blue Bloods” and the 2021 series “A Luv Tale” and “Games Peoples Play,” further expanding his influence in the medium.

  • Lead Vocalist and Songwriter for “Leon and the Peoples”: Beyond acting, Leon is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band “Leon and the Peoples.” His musical talents have garnered awards and nominations, showcasing his multifaceted artistic abilities.


Leon Robinson Top 10 Movies

  • “Cool Runnings” (1993): Leon Robinson featured in the comedy sports film “Cool Runnings.” The movie, based on a true story, follows the Jamaican national bobsled team’s journey to the Winter Olympics. Leon’s role added depth to the ensemble cast, contributing to the film’s heartwarming and humorous narrative.

  • “The Five Heartbeats” (1991): In “The Five Heartbeats,” Leon played a pivotal role in this musical drama, portraying one of the members of an R&B vocal group as they navigate the challenges of fame and personal growth. The film is renowned for its memorable performances and musical sequences.

  • “Above the Rim” (1994): Leon’s appearance in “Above the Rim,” a basketball drama, showcased his versatility as an actor. The film explores themes of friendship, rivalry, and ambition within the world of street basketball.

  • “Little Richard” (2000): Leon’s portrayal of the legendary musician “Little Richard” is a standout in his filmography. His performance captured the essence of the iconic rock ‘n’ roll figure and earned him critical acclaim.

  • “Ali”: Leon had a role in the biographical sports drama “Ali,” which chronicles the life and career of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. His involvement in the film added depth to the narrative, contributing to the portrayal of Ali’s journey.

  • “Cliffhanger,” “A Day to Die,” “Bats,” “Buffalo Soldiers,” “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”: These films, featuring Leon, showcase his diverse range as an actor, from action-packed thrillers like “Cliffhanger” to crime dramas like “Buffalo Soldiers.”

  • “The Temptations” (1998): Leon’s role in the TV miniseries “The Temptations” remains one of his most iconic. The series chronicles the rise and struggles of the legendary Motown group “The Temptations,” with Leon portraying David Ruffin.

  • Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” Music Video (1989): Leon’s appearance in Madonna’s music video for “Like a Prayer” added a memorable visual element to the controversial and impactful video, showcasing his versatility beyond traditional film roles.

Leon Robinson Achievement and Awards

Here are some of Leon Robinson notable awards and achievements:

  • Black Reel Award Nominations: Leon Robinson, an accomplished African-American actor and musician, received recognition with two Black Reel Award nominations. These nominations were for his outstanding work in the TV miniseries “The Temptations” and the film “Buffalo Soldiers.” The Black Reel Awards celebrate excellence in African-American film and television.

  • NAACP Best Actor Nominations: Leon’s talent has earned him nominations for the NAACP Best Actor award. He was recognized for his remarkable performances in “The Five Heartbeats” and his portrayal of the iconic musician “Little Richard.” These nominations reflect his contributions to African-American cinema and storytelling.

  • International Reggae and World Music Awards: In addition to his acting accolades, Leon received nominations in the International Reggae and World Music Awards, showcasing his musical prowess. These awards celebrate excellence in reggae and world music genres.

  • Best International Artist at Joe Higgs Reggae Awards: Leon’s dedication to music was further acknowledged when he was honored as the Best International Artist at the Joe Higgs Reggae Awards. This recognition underscores his impact and talent within the reggae music scene.

  • Television Appearances: Leon’s career extends to television, where he has appeared in various shows and specials, including popular series like “In Living Color,” “Family Matters,” and “The Redd Foxx Show.” His presence on television screens has contributed to his widespread recognition.

  • Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” Music Video: Leon starred in Madonna’s iconic “Like a Prayer” music video, further solidifying his status as a versatile and sought-after artist in the entertainment industry.

  • Musical Contributions: Leon’s musical talents go beyond acting. He performed a reggae rendition of “Daddy’s Home” in the film “The Price of Kissing” and also produced and starred in the 1997 romantic drama “The Price of Kissing,” showcasing his multifaceted abilities in both music and film.

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