Who are Kirk Herbstreit Parents? Meet Jim Herbstreit and Judy Herbstreit

So who are Kirk Herbstreit’s parents? According to our research, Kirk Herbstreit’s parents are Jim and Judy Herbstreit. Kirk Herbstreit (born August 19, 1969) is an American sports broadcaster and former college football player.

real name

Kirk Edward Herbstreit

Nick name


date of birth

August 19, 1969


54 years old


6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)


95 kg (209 lbs)

place of birth

Centerville, Ohio, United States




Ohio State University Centerville High School


American sports broadcaster and former college football player



Country of Citizenship


eye color


hair color


zodiac signs



Alison Butler (m. 1998)

Child/Child Name

Zach Herbstreit, Tye Herbstreit, Jack Herbstreit, Chase Herbstreit


Jim Herbstreit and Judy Herbstreit





Who is Kirk Herbstreit?

Kirk Herbstreit is a highly respected luminary in the world of American sports broadcasting and college football analysis. Born in Centerville, Ohio, on August 19, 1969, Herbstreit has become a trusted voice and authority in college football, making him a household name to fans across the country.

Herbstreit’s journey to becoming a renowned sports analyst began during his college years. He played quarterback at Ohio State from 1989 to 1992, where he was not only a valuable team member but gained valuable insights into the game. His football acumen and passion for the game laid the foundation for his future career in broadcasting.

After his college playing career ended, Herbstreit turned to sports broadcasting. He joined ESPN in 1995 and became an integral part of the network’s college football coverage. His on-screen presence, clear analysis and in-depth knowledge of the game quickly set him apart. Herbstreit’s work on ESPN’s “College GameDay” and on college football broadcasts has solidified his reputation as one of the foremost experts in the field.

Kirk Herbstreit’s contributions to college football extend beyond his broadcasting career. His dedication to the game is evident in his insightful commentary, interviews with players and coaches, and the respect he has earned among his peers. His work played an integral role in shaping the way fans view and engage with college football, making him an iconic and enduring figure in the history of the sport.



Kirk Herbstreit age

Looking ahead to 2023, beloved college football analyst and sports broadcast icon Kirk Herbstreit will celebrate his 54th birthday. Herbstreit was born in Centerville, Ohio, on August 19, 1969, his place and date of birth being significant in his storied career. When Herbstreit turns 54, he can look back on a life dedicated to the sport he loves and the journey that led him to college. Football lovers all over the country.

Born in Centerville, Ohio, a state known for its passionate football culture, he was a perfect fit for someone who would go on to become one of the most respected voices in the sport. 2023 not only represents a milestone in time, but also proves that Herbstreit’s work has a lasting impact.

His insightful commentary, in-depth analysis and unwavering dedication have made him a beloved figure in the college football world. Year after year, he continues to inspire the next generation of fans and analysts, proving that age is no barrier to the passion and knowledge he brings to the game. Kirk Herbstreit may be 54 years old, but his legacy in college football remains as vibrant and relevant as ever, providing light and optimism for the sport he cherished. future.

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Kirk Herbstreit Height and Weight

Kirk Herbstreit is a well-known college football analyst and sports broadcaster whose influence in the sports world is evident in his stature. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 4 inches (193 centimeters), he is a commanding presence both on and off the screen. This height placed Herbstreit comfortably above the average height of an American male, giving him a commanding appearance that suited his role as an actor. Famous sports commentator.

His towering stature allows him to interact with crowds, players and fellow analysts with ease, exuding confidence and authority. Herbstreit’s weight remains at 95 kilograms (209 pounds). That weight matches his tall frame, suggesting he has the well-proportioned frame to handle the demands of a high-energy career. It demonstrates a man who prioritizes physical health and well-being in the dynamic and demanding world of sports broadcasting.

Kirk Herbstreit’s impressive height and balanced weight contribute to his overall image as a knowledgeable and influential figure in the college football world. These physical attributes complement his extensive expertise in the sport, making him a trusted authority for fans and viewers.

physical properties



6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)


95 kg (209 lbs)

Kirk Herbstreit Nationality

Kirk Herbstreit is a respected college football analyst and sports broadcaster who is a proud American citizen. He was born on August 19, 1969, in Centerville, Ohio, a birthplace with deep roots in America’s heartland. As an American citizen, Herbstreit’s identity was deeply intertwined with the fabric of American sports culture. His love for football, especially college football, resonated with fans across the country, making him a quintessentially American figure in the sports world.

Growing up in Ohio, a state known for its passionate football culture, Herbstreit was introduced to the sport early on, laying the foundation for his future career as a sports commentator. Throughout his life, he continued to celebrate the rich traditions and rivalries of American college football, further cementing his status as a national icon.

Herbstreit’s U.S. citizenship underscores his connection to the game and his role as a trusted voice in college football analysis. It fits into the broader narrative of sports broadcasting in America, where devotees like him contribute to the nation’s collective sports enthusiasm.

Kirk Herbstreit’s American citizenship is an integral part of his identity, dovetailing perfectly with his career as a respected college football analyst, allowing him to connect with people across the country. Fans make connections.

Kirk Herbstreit’s acting career

  • Kirk Herbstreit’s career overview:

    • Kirk Herbstreit is a well-known American sports commentator and analyst best known for his prominent role on ESPN’s “College GameDay.”
    • He provides color commentary for college football games on ESPN and ABC, as well as Thursday night NFL games on Prime Video.
    • During his career, Herbstreit won five prestigious Sports Emmy Awards for his television work.
  • College Football Experience:

    • During his formative years, Herbstreit served as quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes, contributing to the team’s efforts from 1989 to 1993.
  • ESPN and Home Approved:

    • Herbstreit’s partnership with ESPN began in 1995, marking the beginning of his journey to become a household name in the world of sports broadcasting.
  • Chief Games Analyst since 2006:

    • Since 2006, Herbstreit has served as lead game analyst for ESPN/ABC’s college football coverage, cementing his status as a prominent figure in the field.
  • Diverse Appearances on ESPN:

    • In addition to “College GameDay” and college football broadcasts, Herbstreit has appeared on various ESPN shows, including the iconic “SportsCenter.”
  • Emmy Award Nominations and Achievements:

    • Herbstreit’s contributions have earned him widespread recognition, as evidenced by his 19 Sports Emmy Award nominations.
    • His remarkable achievement of winning five Sports Emmy Awards puts him in a league of his own, making him the most awarded on-air commentator in ESPN’s storied history.​​​​​​​

Kirk Herbstreit Achievements and Awards

Here are some of Kirk Herbstreit’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Five-time Sports Emmy Award winner:

    • Kirk Herbstreit has achieved significant recognition in the field of television broadcasting, receiving a total of five Sports Emmy Awards for his work. These honors are a testament to his contributions to sports commentary.

    • Emmy Award for Outstanding Sports Personality-Studio Analyst:

      • Herbstreit’s exceptional expertise and analytical skills earned him consecutive Emmy Awards in 2010 and 2011 for “Outstanding Sports Studio Analyst.” The awards specifically recognized his outstanding studio analysis in sports broadcasting.
    • Additional nominations:

      • In addition to winning the Emmy Award, Herbstreit has been nominated for an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Sports Figure Studio Analyst” in other years, including 1998, 2006, 2007 and 2014. These nominations highlight his consistent excellence and impact as a studio analyst.
  • Gatorade Player of the Year:

    • Before starting a career in sports commentary, Herbstreit rose to prominence as an athlete. He won Ohio State’s prestigious Gatorade Player of the Year Award during the 1987-88 season. This recognition highlights his outstanding achievements in his athletic career.
  • College football career:

    • Herbstreit’s football career began when he was the quarterback of the Ohio State University football team from 1989 to 1993. His experience as a player provides him with insightful commentary and analysis in the world of college football.
  • NCAA Football Video Games from EA Sports:

    • Beyond broadcasting, Herbstreit’s influence extends to the gaming world. He serves as a frequent commentator on EA Sports’ NCAA Football video game series, adding authenticity and expertise to the gaming experience.
  • ESPN roles:

    • Herbstreit’s career has been multifaceted, including serving as an analyst on ESPN’s iconic “College GameDay.” In addition, he provides color commentary for college football games televised by ESPN and ABC, further solidifying his status as a respected figure in the sports broadcasting community.

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