Who are Dj Turner II Parents? Meet Juan Drago and Donyale Turner

Who are the parents of Dj Turner II?

So who are the parents of Dj Turner II? According to our research, Dj Turner II’s parents are JuanDrago and Donyale Turner. Dj Turner II was born on November 9, 2000, is an American football cornerback.

real name

Juan Drago “DJ” Turner II

date of birth

November 9, 2000


22 years old


180 cm, 5 feet 11 inches


81 kg (178 lbs)

place of birth

Suwanee, Georgia, USA




american football cornerback

Country of Citizenship



Juan Drago

Donyell Turner



Who is Dj Turner II?

Dj Turner II was born on November 9, 2000, a name that has gained recognition in the football world, especially for his contributions as a wide receiver and return specialist. This explanatory note provides insight into Dj Turner II’s background, early life, and his burgeoning career in the sport.

Early life: Dj Turner II was born in 2000, marking the rapid rise of a young talent in the world of football. While details about his early life and upbringing may not have been widely documented, his passion for the game and determination to excel were evident throughout his journey.

College Career: Dj Turner II’s path to football stardom began during his college years. He pursued his football dreams at the collegiate level, playing for the University of Maryland. As a member of the Maryland Terrapins, he showcased his skills as a versatile player, playing as a wide receiver and contributing on special teams.His college career provided him with the foundational experience and exposure he needed to make the transition to professional football



Dj turner ii age

Dj Turner II is 22 years old as of now (November 9, 2000) USDj Turner II was born in Suwanee, Georgia, and is an American professional football player known for his contributions as a wide receiver and return specialist. While the specifics of his background and career may vary, his talent was recognized while playing for the University of Maryland during his college football days. His early success in the NFL, particularly as a kick return specialist, made him a rising star in the league.

Dj Turner II height and weight

Dj Turner II is a promising athlete in American football who possesses unique physical attributes that play a vital role in his performance as a wide receiver and return specialist. This descriptive note provides insight into Dj Turner II’s height and weight, elucidating the unique characteristics that define his role on the football field.

Height: While Dj Turner II’s exact height may vary slightly depending on the source, he usually stands at approximately 5 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 11 inches (approximately 180 cm). In the context of American football, this height range is considered relatively average, especially for wide receivers and return specialists. His length provides him with the agility and mobility to move through defenders and excel in roles that require quick cuts and changes of direction.

Weight: Dj Turner II weighs 178 pounds (about 81 kilograms). This weight range is ideal for football players who must combine strength and speed. His weight allows him to absorb contact, maintain balance, and make contested catches as a wide receiver. Additionally, it helps with his ability to break tackles and gain yards on kick and punt returns.



Equivalent (approximately)


180 cm

5 feet 11 inches



178 pounds

Dj Turner II Nationality

Dj Turner II’s nationality is American, which is a fundamental aspect of his status as an emerging American football talent. This explanatory note provides insight into how his American citizenship has shaped his football journey and highlights his role as a contributor to American football’s rich tradition. Dj Turner II was born in the United States, a birthplace that firmly establishes his American citizenship. Born in a country where football is a beloved pastime, he grew up immersed in the ingrained culture of American football.

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Dj turner ii career

  • Dj Turner II has been steadily carving out a bright career in American football, showcasing his skills and versatility as a wide receiver and return specialist. This illustrative note provides an overview of Dj Turner II’s football career, highlighting key milestones and his growing impact on the sport.
  • Early Years: Dj Turner II’s football journey likely began in his early years and was characterized by a passion for the game and a desire to excel. While specific details about his formative years may vary, his dedication to football became evident as he rose through the ranks.
  • College Career: Dj Turner II played college football at multiple institutions, including the University of Maryland and the University of Pittsburgh. During his college career, he showcased his talents as a wide receiver and return specialist. His college years provided him with the necessary training foundation to transition to the professional level.
  • Entering the NFL: Dj Turner II Entering the National Football League (NFL) was marked by persistence and determination. As an undrafted free agent, he was on the road to achieving his NFL dream. In 2021, he signed with the Las Vegas Raiders, earning a roster spot and a chance to showcase his abilities on the big stage of professional football.
  • Impact on Special Teams: One of Dj Turner II’s notable contributions to the NFL was his impact on special teams. His agility, speed and ability to break down defenses make him a valuable asset as a return specialist.His contribution in this area has the potential to change the course of the game and make him an exciting player to watch


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