Who are David Babunski Parents? Meet Boban Babunski

So who are David Babenski’s parents? According to our research, David Babunski’s parents are Boban Babunski. David Babunski, born on March 1, 1994, is a Macedonian football player.

real name

David Babenski

date of birth

March 1, 1994


29 years old


5 feet 9 inches (176 cm)


68 kg (150 lbs)

place of birth

Skopje, North Macedonia




macedonian football players

Country of Citizenship

Macedonian, Spanish

zodiac signs



Boban Babenski






Who is David Babenski?

David Babunski, born on March 1, 1994, is a famous Macedonian professional football player whose name is synonymous with skill, versatility and love for the sport. His journey in football has been nothing short of remarkable, marked by dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Originally from Skopje, Macedonia, Babunski’s football career began at a young age when he showed great talent on the pitch.

As he honed his skills, it became clear that he had a natural talent for the sport. His journey took a major turn when he joined FC Barcelona’s renowned La Masia academy, which has produced some of the best football talents in the world. During his time at Barcelona, ​​Babenski not only improved his technical skills but also absorbed the club’s possession-based football philosophy.

This experience has made him a versatile player, capable of playing in various positions in midfield and defense. One of the most striking aspects of David Babenski’s career has been his unwavering commitment to representing his country, North Macedonia, at international competitions. He has been performing steadily in the national team, participating in World Cup qualifiers and European Cup matches.

Off the field, Babenski has been recognized for his philanthropy and contributions to youth development programs. He uses his influence and platform to inspire the next generation of Macedonian footballers and promote the values ​​of sportsmanship, hard work and community involvement.



David Babenski age

David Babunski was born in Skopje, Macedonia on March 1, 1994 and is about to celebrate his 29th birthday. This milestone not only marks another year in his life, but also represents the golden stage of his illustrious football career. His age has become a valuable asset on the court as he continues to mature as a person and a player. The 29-year-old has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the game, which makes him even more formidable on the pitch.

Babunski’s journey from the streets of Skopje to the hallowed halls of FC Barcelona’s La Masia academy has been nothing short of inspiring. Year after year, he continues to grow as a football player, taking on new challenges and opportunities. Babenski is already in his mid-twenties, and his age is a testament to his enduring dedication to the sport. It signals a bright future filled with continued growth, achievement and the potential to leave an indelible mark on the world of football.

We can look forward to witnessing David Babunski’s continued progress, both on the field and as a symbol of his dedication and passion for this beautiful game. His age is not just a number; It reflects the exciting chapters yet to be written in his remarkable football story.

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David Babenski height and weight

David Babenski is 5 feet 9 inches (176 centimeters) tall and weighs 68 kilograms (150 pounds). He has a well-proportioned physique that is well suited to the requirements of professional football. These physical attributes greatly improve his efficiency on the court.

Babenski is 5 feet 9 inches tall, which falls within the average height range for a professional football player. This height provides him with several advantages, including agility, speed and the ability to maintain a low center of gravity. It allows him to maneuver quickly, dribble past opponents, and change direction quickly.

Babenski weighs 68 kilograms (150 pounds), which goes well with his height. It provides him with the necessary strength to hold his ground through tackles and challenges, while maintaining the agility required for complex possessions. His weight-to-height ratio ensures that he can excel in all positions on the field, whether he is setting up play as a midfielder or making key tackles as a defender.

Babenski’s physique is a testament to his dedication to physical fitness and conditioning. His height and weight were traits that played a key role in his successful football career. They allow him to perform with precision and agility, making him a valuable asset to the team and a force to be reckoned with on the football field.

physical properties



5 feet 9 inches (176 cm)


68 kg (150 lbs)

David Babenski Nationality

David Babunski’s nationality proudly represents his connection to his native North Macedonia. He is a Macedonian national born in Skopje, the capital of the southeastern European country. Known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes, North Macedonia holds a special place in David Babenski’s identity. His nationality symbolizes his deep-rooted connection to the country’s history and traditions.

As a Macedonian, Babunski has not only had the privilege of representing his country on the international football stage, but has also become a source of inspiration for aspiring footballers in North Macedonia. His success story is a testament to the talent and potential that can emerge from this dynamic Balkan country.

Babunski’s nationality reflects his pride and commitment to making a positive contribution to his homeland. He has been actively involved in charities and youth development projects in North Macedonia, demonstrating his dedication to giving back to the community that raised him.

David Babenski’s nationality is an integral part of his identity, representing his roots and his role as North Macedonia’s outstanding ambassador in the world of football. It highlights the power of sport to unite nations and celebrate cultural diversity on a global scale.

David Babenski’s acting career

  • Age and nationality: David Babunski, 29, midfielder, from North Macedonia.

  • Early career: He started his football journey with local club FK Vardar.

  • Time at FC Barcelona’s La Masia: Babenski’s talents earned him a place at FC Barcelona’s prestigious La Masia academy, where he honed his skills and grew as a footballer .

  • Progress in the youth teams: He progressed through the various age groups of FC Barcelona, ​​from the U14 team (2006-2008) to the U16 team (2008-2010) and the U19 team (2010-2013). Those years at La Masia played an important role in his development.

  • Transfer to Red Star Belgrade (2016): In 2016, Babunski moved to Red Star Belgrade, a club with a legendary history in European football.

  • Latest move to Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC (2022): His football journey continued when he joined Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC in 2022, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to the game.

  • Career statistics and market value: Babunski’s career statistics and current market value are €360,000. This figure reflects his worth on the football transfer market.

  • Physical attributes: Height 177 cm, mainly uses his right foot on the court.

  • Jersey number: Babenski wears jersey number 8, indicating his role in the midfield.

  • More information: For more detailed career statistics and information about David Babunski, you can refer to websites such as Flashscore.com and Goal.com, which provide information on his performance in professional football and comprehensive insights into achievements.


David Babenski Achievements and Awards

Here are some of David Babenski’s notable awards and achievements:

  • 2011 Macedonia Young Athlete of the Year: David Babunski has been recognized as the 2011 Macedonian Young Athlete of the Year, a prestigious award that highlights his outstanding achievements and potential in the sporting world at a young age.

  • Participation in the 2012 European U-21 Championship: Babenski’s participation in the 2012 European U-21 Championship was a sign of his talent and ability as a footballer, as the tournament typically features some of the best young players in Europe.

  • Success in the Catalan Cup in the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons: Babenski’s participation in the Catalan Cup in these two seasons shows his contribution to FC Barcelona’s success in this regional competition , showing his strength on the court.

  • Serbian Champions 2015/16: Babunski’s achievement of becoming Serbian Champions in the 2015/16 season underlines his outstanding performance at the highest level of European football.

  • FC Barcelona Tenure (2006-2016): Babenski’s ten-year relationship with FC Barcelona ended by mutual consent in January 2016, a testament to his commitment and dedication to the club. His experience at FC Barcelona’s prestigious La Masia academy and senior team contributed significantly to his development as a footballer.

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