Who are Brian Jones Parents? Meet Lewis Blount Jones and Louisa Beatrice Jones

Who are Brian Jones’ parents?

So who are Brian Jones’ parents? According to our research, Brian Jones’ parents were Lewis Blount Jones and Louisa Beatrice Jones. Brian Jones is an English musician and singer. Born on February 28, 1942.

real name

Lewis Brian Hopkins Jones

date of birth

February 28, 1942


27 years old (at the time of death)


5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)

place of birth

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK




British musician and singer

Country of Citizenship


eye color


hair color



Lewis Blunt Jones, Louisa Beatrice Jones

zodiac signs



Julian Mark Jones, Julian Brian Jones, Barbara Marion, John Paul Andrew Jones

Who is Brian Jones?

Brian Jones is a key figure in the history of rock music, known primarily as one of the founding members of legendary rock band The Rolling Stones. Born on 28 February 1942 in Cheltenham, England, Jones was instrumental in shaping the band’s early sound and image. An accomplished musician, Jones is versed in a variety of instruments including guitar, harmonica, keyboards, and a variety of traditional and exotic instruments.

His versatility and innovative approach to music helped define The Rolling Stones’ unique blend of rhythm and blues, rock and pop. He often added distinctive slide guitar to their songs, contributing to their signature sound. In addition to his musical talent, Brian Jones had a charismatic and enigmatic personality.

His fashion sense and flamboyant style were a symbol of the Swinging London era of the 1960s and influenced countless young people. He became an iconic figure in the counterculture movement, championing a spirit of rebellion and experimentation. Brian Jones’ life was filled with personal struggles, including drug addiction and legal issues. Unfortunately, he drowned in a swimming pool on July 3, 1969, at the age of 27.

Although Brian Jones left the Rolling Stones in 1969 due to personal issues, his impact on the band and the music world is undeniable. He remains a symbol of the cultural revolution of the 1960s and had a lasting influence on later generations of musicians. His contribution to the Rolling Stones’ early success and his lasting legacy in rock history continue to be celebrated by fans and music lovers around the world.


Brian Jones age

Brian Jones was born in Cheltenham, England, on February 28, 1942. Tragically, his life was cut short when he died on July 3, 1969, in Hatfield, England. That means he only lived 27 years, a relatively short lifespan for someone who had such a profound impact on the world of music and culture.

During those 27 years, Jones left an indelible mark on the music industry, co-founding one of the most iconic rock bands in history, the Rolling Stones. His youthful energy and innovative musicianship were crucial in shaping the band’s early sound, and his charismatic performances helped propel them to international stardom.

Although Brian Jones’s life was relatively short, he managed to influence an entire generation with his fashion sense, mastery of various musical instruments, and embodiment of the counterculture spirit of the 1960s. His untimely death marked the end of an era, but his legacy as a key figure in rock and roll history lives on, reminding us that age is not always a measure of a person’s impact on the world.

Brian Jones height

Influential musician and Rolling Stones co-founder Brian Jones has a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is equivalent to 168 centimeters. While his status may not be high, his impact on the world of music and culture cannot be underestimated.

Jones’ height did not prevent him from becoming a music legend in the 1960s. He is known for his unique fashion sense and charismatic stage presence, qualities that transcend his stature. His contributions to the Rolling Stones, including his mastery of a variety of instruments and groundbreaking musical ideas, played a key role in shaping the band’s early success.

Brian Jones is proof that a person’s impact and legacy are not bound by physical attributes. His talent, creativity and influence continue to resonate with music lovers around the world, demonstrating that the true measure of a man’s status is his contribution and impact on the world.

physical properties



5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)

Brian Jones nationality

Brian Jones (Brian Jones), famous musician, co-founder of the Rolling Stones, British nationality. Born 28 February 1942 in Cheltenham, England, he spent most of his life in England. As a British national, he has deep ties to his country’s cultural and musical heritage.

Jones’ British nationality has played a major role in shaping his identity and his contribution to the global music scene. He was part of the British Invasion movement, a cultural phenomenon in the 1960s when British bands including the Rolling Stones gained popularity in the United States and around the world.

His nationality also influenced the band’s music, infusing elements of British rock, blues, and R&B that became part of their unique sound. Brian Jones’s British heritage is an important part of his legacy, as it has had a rich influence on the Rolling Stones and their lasting impact on the world of music.

Brian Jones acting career

  • Brian Jones was the co-founder and leader of the Rolling Stones, serving as the band’s second guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from 1962 until his untimely death in 1969 at the age of 27.
  • He was born on 28 February 1942 in Cheltenham, England and died on 3 July 1969 in Essex, England.
  • Jones was an accomplished musician, proficient in a variety of instruments, including slide guitar, rhythm guitar, piano, marimba, dulcimer, mellotron, saxophone, and later sitar.
  • Although he wasn’t the main songwriter, he played a key role in shaping the band’s sound and overall aesthetic. He also briefly served as the band’s manager.
  • His musicianship and creative contributions helped define the Rolling Stones’ unique sound and image, making them one of the most influential rock bands in history.
  • Before joining the Rolling Stones, Jones formed a band called The Roosters with Paul Jones.
  • In 1963, Eric Clapton replaced Brian Jones as the Rolling Stones’ guitarist, marking an important moment in the band’s history.

Brian Jones Achievements and Awards

Here are some of Brian Jones’ notable awards and achievements:

Awards and Honors for Brian Jones (Chicago Direct Marketing Association Award Winner):

  1. Best: 30 Radio Scripts – CADM Awards (2019)
  2. Best Copywriting – Craftsmanship – CADM Awards (2018)

Awards and honors received by Brian Jones (founder of Castell Howell):

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award – Welsh Food and Drink Awards

Awards and Honors for Brian Jones (Chicago Bar Association):

  1. Five Star Wealth Manager Award – Chicago Magazine (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

Awards and recognition for Brian Jones (educator and science tutor):

  1. Preston Davis Teaching Innovation Award (1998)
  2. Distinguished Science Mentor in Physics – Students as Science Leaders (2004-2005)
  3. Outstanding University Science Teaching Award (2010)

Brian Jones (University of Derby) Honors:

  • Honors University Master’s degree (awarded for work promoting equality in education for young people and adults)

Brian Jones Top 10 Songs

Brian Jones was a founding member of the Rolling Stones and was known for his diverse musical talents, contributing to the band’s sound on a variety of instruments. Here are some of Bryan Jones’ hits with the Rolling Stones, showcasing his versatility:

  • “One Last Time”: Jones features heavily on this classic track, incorporating his distinctive slide guitar.

  • “Under My Thumb”: Perhaps one of the Rolling Stones’ most iconic songs, Jones’ contributions included his famous riff that drove the song’s rhythm and melody.

  • “Paint It, Black”: This song marked a milestone in rock music as Jones played the sitar, introducing many rock fans to this unique instrument for the first time.

  • “Ruby Tuesday”: Brian Jones plays this melodious, haunting ballad on clarinet.

  • “Mama’s Little Helper”: Jones adds her own touch to the song with a marimba that lends it a catchy sound.

  • “No Expectations”: His slide guitar skills shine through on this soulful blues song.

  • “We Love You”: Brian Jones contributes to the song’s psychedelic vibe with his Mellotron and other instrumental skills.

  • “I Wanna Be Your Man”: His harmonica performance stands out on this energetic early Rolling Stones song.

  • “I Just Want To Make Love To You”: Jones’ blues harmonica and slide guitar work add depth to this blues-rock classic.

  • “Little Red Rooster”: His harmonica and blues slide guitar embody the Rolling Stones’ blues roots on this song.

  • “Lady Jane”: Jones’ use of the dulcimer gives the song a medieval ballad feel.

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