Where is Rakesh Sharma Now? Who is Rakesh Sharma? What is Rakesh Sharma Doing Now? Is Rakesh Sharma Alive?

Who is Rakesh Sharma?

Rakesh Sharma (born 13 January 1949) holds an important place in Indian history as a former Indian Air Force pilot. On April 3, 1984, when he boarded the Soyuz T-11 spacecraft, his extraordinary journey took him beyond the boundaries of Earth. This remarkable mission is part of the Soviet Union’s Interkosmos program, a symbol of international cooperation in space exploration.

In the annals of space travel, Rakesh Sharma is a unique figure – the only Indian citizen to venture into space. It is worth noting that although astronauts of Indian origin have also embarked on space adventures, they did so under the banner of different nationalities, not as Indian citizens.

At this juncture, another Air Force pilot, Ravish Malhotra, stands ready to take over the role should the situation call for it. It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of these pioneers, who were willing to push the boundaries of human capability and represent their countries on a global stage beyond the confines of the planet.


Rakesh Sharma


January 13, 1949 (age 74), Patiala

space mission

Soyuz T-11, Soyuz T-10


Madhu Sharma (m. 1982)


Kapil Sharma, Mansi Sharma


Tripta Sharma, Devondranath Sharma


Where is Rakesh Sharma now?

In the summer of July 2023, an interesting photo emerged in the virtual world, revealing the mysterious life of Rakesh Sharma. Against the backdrop of a peaceful Tamil Nadu village, the image offers a rare glimpse into Rakesh’s solitary presence. In this captured moment, he is accompanied by his wife, Madhu, their chosen reclusive partner.

The duo have consciously crafted a peaceful life, finding their own sanctuary in the peaceful embrace of Coonoor country life. Despite Rakesh’s achievements in the past, the couple has resolutely chosen to live a low-key life, deliberately avoiding the temptation of public attention and cultivating the precious seclusion they cherish.


What is Rakesh Sharma doing now?

Rakesh Sharma and his wife Madhu have consciously created a life of tranquility and privacy in the stunning surroundings of Coonoor. Their preference for a solitary and minimalist lifestyle continues to underline their lifestyle. Delve further into the career of Rakesh Sharma, who assumed the esteemed position of Cadila Labs Non-Executive Chairman in 2021.

Based in Bengaluru, the forward-thinking company focuses on harnessing the potential of intelligent automation solutions, with a particular focus on meeting the nuanced needs of entities in the insurance industry. In this role, Sharma’s leadership adds an interesting dimension to his diverse journey, from his historic space travels to his contemporary involvement in shaping the innovative technology landscape.

Is Rakesh Sharma still alive?

Yes, Rakesh Sharma is in good health and alive. Against the backdrop of the idyllic charm of Coonoor, Rakesh Sharma and his wife Madhu have crafted a life that exudes serenity and a deep sense of contentment. They purposely chose to reside in this tranquil haven, reflecting their commitment to a simple and laid-back lifestyle.

Amid verdant landscapes, they relish life’s simple pleasures and form deep and harmonious connections with nature and each other. Their residence in Coonoor is not only a physical residence, but a testament to their philosophy of valuing the essence of life while eschewing the complexities so common in modern life.

Rakesh Sharma age

Rakesh Sharma came into this world on January 13th, 1949, traveling gracefully through the passage of time, amassing a wealth of experience and wisdom over a period of 74 years. His life’s journey is like a tapestry of daring achievements and pioneering adventures, making him an important figure in the history of India and the global narrative of human exploration.

From his early days to this present moment, Sharma’s presence has been woven with grit and determination, culminating in his historic journey beyond the boundaries of the planet. Aged 74, his story is a vivid embodiment of the insatiable human spirit that seeks to conquer the frontier and illuminate the unknown. Year after year, Rakesh Sharma’s legacy continues to shine brightly, reminding us each of us has the potential to make a lasting impact on the world.

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