What Is Meta’s New AI Tool to Create Music?

Taking a step forward in the world of AI, Meta recently launched an AI tool known as AudioCraft that generates music and audio based on text prompts.

Meta states: “Imagine a professional musician able to explore new compositions without having to play a single note on an instrument. Or the small business owner easily adding a soundtrack to their latest Instagram video ad.”

“That’s the promise of AudioCraft, our latest AI tool that generates high-quality, realistic audio and music from text.” adds the company.

The social media giant believes that generative AI has made significant progress in terms of images, text and video, but lags behind in terms of audio. That’s why Meta takes this new step with the vision of closing this gap and providing an easy-to-use platform that generates audio easily.

This is what Meta mentions on his blog: “However, while we’ve seen a lot of excitement around generative AI for images, videos and text, audio always seemed to lag a bit behind. There is some work out there, but it’s very complicated and not very open, so people can’t play with it easily.

This new AI platform includes three AI models which are AudioGen, MusicGen and EnCodec. The three models have different purposes.

AudioGen is trained in public sound effects that can generate audio from text-based inputs, such as honking, dog barking, and footsteps.

MusicGen is trained on music owned by and specifically licensed by Meta and can generate music from text prompts.


Source: Meta

EnCodec allows you to generate higher quality music with fewer errors.


Source: Meta

The company offers these models open source so that everyone, from music enthusiasts to developers, can experiment with this platform and train their own models with their own data sets.

Meta mentions: “We are open-sourcing these models, providing access to researchers and practitioners so they can train their own models with their own data sets for the first time and help advance the field of AI-generated audio and music.”

Additionally, the company has provided several audio samples on the website where people can check out the capabilities of the new AI.

In conclusion, AudioCraft can be a powerful tool for the music industry. The ability to use text prompts can help users generate music that is tailored to their specific needs. But this tool can also cause a loss of originality in the music. Therefore, it is important to use AudioCraft with care.

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