What Are The Concerns About Artificial Intelligence Raised By The Godfather Of AI Geoffrey Hinton?

Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm these days. The term AI is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Some people celebrate advances in AI, thinking it will help their productivity, while others fear being fired.

ChatGPT was recently introduced and is already used by writers and developers to do their work. AI is not at a level where people should worry about being fired, but many experts fear that time is not far off. Some renowned scientists, such as Geoffrey Hinton, also called the “godfather of AI”, recently left Google over the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Hinton is one of the world’s leading authorities on artificial intelligence and computer neural networks, and his comments on AI have sent shockwaves through the technology world. Dive in to find out what concerns Hinton has raised about AI.

Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can outsmart humans

Geoffrey Hinton has spent his entire life developing artificial neural networks, but now that it is coming to fruition, he fears that artificial intelligence could surpass biological intelligence. Hinton believes that AI learns better and will be able to easily outwit humans.

AI can accelerate the spread of misinformation

Misinformation is already a modern plague and AI will accelerate it even further. News related to elections, wars and fraud can be disguised or intended to fit a narrative.

AI will make workers redundant

This is one of the biggest fears the general public has about AI. You can perform writing and coding tasks in seconds. AI-powered robots can replace factory workers. Self-driving cars are now available and film producers have started using AI to write scripts. It’s only a matter of time before AI completely replaces some jobs. However, that time is far away and today, people should focus on using AI to improve their productivity.

AI cannot be stopped or regulated

Geoffrey Hinton believes that AI cannot be regulated or stopped. His ability to learn for himself and make decisions is both a dangerous and remarkable achievement. AI can become smarter and start manipulating humans. There is also no stop button to disable the AI. Furthermore, AI can lead to more AI and we can’t do anything about it. Some countries or companies may also use AI only for destruction.


Evolution is part of life and new technologies will surely make old ones obsolete. But that doesn’t mean we should embrace them with open hands. In the 21st century, such a sudden rise in technology raises red flags. AI has been used for decades and is still decades away from reaching the level of perfection that people believe it has already achieved. Proper research is needed to implement AI, and that’s what Geoffrey Hinton says. Rushing to compete with the market is not the way to handle a sensitive technological innovation like AI.

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