Watch Dogs 2 Gnome outfit – How to start the hidden Gnome quest and find all 10 Gnome collectible locations

Scattered throughout Watch Dogs 2 are many outfits, and perhaps the most unique is the hidden Gnome outfit, which gives Marcus a cute pair of pants, mask, shirt, hat, and colorful shoes.

To unlock the Ghome outfit, you must go to a specific location, traveling to 10 Gnome collectible locations, before a final point to unlock the set.

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Collectible Gnome Locations in Watch Dogs 2

Health Shop Roof, Embarcadero Center North of the Embarcadero Center, near the park, there is a Health Shop, and the gnome is located on the roof. Head behind the building to find a handy scissor lift and use it to go up.

Homeless Encampment, South of Transbay Center South of the Transbay Center, near the freeway on-ramp, is a gang-controlled area. The gnome is at the back of this, so you can sneak in or go around the back and use an upgraded jumper to avoid the gang entirely.

Pawn shop, tenderloin sitting on a shelf inside, just help yourself.

Bakery Roof, Haum Data Center Southwest of the Haum Data Center is a parking lot with a bakery in the corner. The gnome is on the roof with some friends and there is a scissor lift located behind the nightclub across the street to help you get up.

Tidis Warehouse, Palace of Fine Arts Head north from the Palace of Fine Arts and you will find a restricted area. The gnome is on the north side, inside a small wooden doghouse against the fence. It’s right next to the door, so running in and grabbing it without incident should be easy.

Hot Tub, Mission-Dolores/Castro Theater Across from Stache & Vine, south of the Castro Theater, is a gray building with a hot tub on the roof. Head to the south side of the block and hijack the scissor lift, ride it to the front and grab the gnome from above.

Taqueria Rooftop, SF MOMA There is a small terraced park in front of SF MOMA, and just north of its west end is a taqueria. Take the nearby scissor lift, go up to the roof and look behind the ceiling ducts.

Garden of Peace and Love West of Painted Ladies is a garden full of hippies in the center area of ​​the block. Enter the south entrance and go up the stairs to your right to find the gnome in front of a stack of breeze blocks.

Rooftop Garden, Transbay Center At the east end of the Transbay Center is a rooftop park. Climb up and head towards the east end to find a sheltered area next to a large red sculpture. Use the upgraded jumper to jump from the small hedge over the tall one and find another gnome.

Tunnel, Blume Arena At the northern end of the water east of Blume Arena is a tunnel. Go down it and on the west side, about halfway down, there is a small dock. The gnome is sitting on a lounge chair in the background.

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How to complete the Gnome Suit quest in Watch Dogs 2

Now that you’ve collected all ten gnomes, head to the northwest corner of the park southeast of the WKZ station.

Hidden in the bushes is a tent and the whole thing is inside. Use the jumper to pick it up and then head to the HQ or any clothing store to equip each item. You have pants, a mask, a shirt, a hat and shoes, all labeled as?!. Put them together and voilà: a gnome! The perfect costume to take with you online.

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