Warzone WW2 bunker locations and other Season 6 map changes explained

World War II bunker locations headline a series of changes to the Warzone map.

After a very modest map update in Season 5, which saw the addition of mobile broadcast stations, Season 6 has undergone some literal seismic changes that have left some named locations in ruins and revealed new World War II bunkers. World in others.

This page shows where to find these Warzone map changes. For more information on what’s new in Warzone, visit our Season 6 Battle Pass skins page, which also includes the Vanguard STG 44 and M1 Garand weapons.

Currently, as of Warzone Season 4, you can no longer complete this activity. If you’re looking for more help, check out our current page on the best Warzone weapons and the Vanguard Royale meta.

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Warzone WW2 bunker locations at a glance and bunker explanation

There are three World War II bunkers that can now be explored in Verdansk. They are in the following locations:

These bunkers are, as far as we know, identical to each other, in the sense that they have two entrances – one hidden under some red shipping containers that you rappel down to, and another, a fissure in the ground – and their distribution is the same. same.

Inside, you can see some World War II-era surroundings, including flags and artillery, and a vent halfway down that you can crawl through to jump over other players who may be nearby.

Otherwise, at the time of launch, there is not much interest in these places. Loot is modest, and unlike Modern Warfare-era bunkers, there are no hidden codes or secrets to discover. That said, these are clearly designed to tease the arrival of the World War II-set Vanguard, so they may still have a more prominent role to play.

If you want to visit the bunkers, as mentioned, the easiest way to find the bunker location is to look for the red container tower. These are visible from above as you parachute into the map, and from there, you can calculate the other rift entrance if they prove too popular.

Specific World War II bunker locations are as follows:

Warzone WW2 Bunker Location Near Airport

You can find the rappel entrance under the red shipping containers at the northeast end of the airport:

The entrance to the fissure is to the south, further outside the airport and closer to the roads:

Warzone WW2 Bunker Location Near Boneyard

The rappel entrance is northeast of the Boneyard, outside the area boundaries but before the train tracks:

The fissure entrance is further west among the trees:

Warzone WW2 Bunker Location Near Array

The rappel entrance is northeast of Array; look for the red shipping containers hiding the entrance:

The fissure entrance is further northwest, near the main road:

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Other map changes in Warzone Season 6 explained

In addition to the addition of World War II bunkers, the following fissures and destruction areas have been applied to other parts of the map:

  • Center (the parliament building and ‘Nakatomi Plaza’ have survived intact)
  • Stadium (a crack runs through the parking lot and reaches the stands)
  • Minor bills southeast of Array and Hospital/Promenade East areas

The center and the stadium have suffered the brunt of the damage.

Between changing some of the more prominent named locations and adding hidden bunkers, there’s a lot to see in Season 6, and it’ll be interesting to see if there’s more to come in the weeks leading up to Vanguard’s release…

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