Warzone 2.0 Kastov 762 loadout, best class build and how to unlock the Kastov 762

The Kastov 762 assault rifle in Warzone 2.0 is a key weapon for many, not only because of its performance, but also because it is required to unlock other weapons on the AK platform.

In Warzone 2.0, this is what is commonly known in previous titles as AK-47.

Like its real-life counterpart, the Kastov 762 is a weapon that requires a bit of practice to properly manage its recoil, making precise attacks on targets at long range a challenge.

To address the weapon’s strengths while mitigating some of its weaknesses, we’ve put together this guide to explain the best Kastov 762 loadout, listing a host of accessories, the perk pack, and the equipment you should choose, delving into how to unlock the Kastov 762. in Warzone 2.0 too.

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How to unlock Kastov 762 in Warzone 2.0

The Kastov 762 is one of the easiest weapons to unlock in Warzone 2.0 and requires a pure investment just to play.

By playing any mode or completing challenges in Warzone 2.0, you’ll earn XP – buy enough, and once you reach player level 23, the Kastov 762 is yours to later customize into a loadout.

Once the weapon is unlocked, you will be able to use it and level up to unlock additional attachments, camos, and even other weapons like the Kastov 545, which can then be used to unlock the Minibak.

Warzone 2.0 Kastov 762 best equipment and accessories

These are the best Warzone 2.0 Kastov 762 loadouts and attachments:

  • Barrel: Kastovia 343 (unlocks at Kastov 762 Lv. 343) / Kas-10 584MM Barrel (unlocks at RPK Lv. 16)
  • Optics: Cronen Mini Red dot (unlocks at FSS Hurricane Lv. 2) / Hybrid Firepoint (unlocks at Lachmann-762 Lv. 14)
  • Stock: KSTV-RPK Factory (unlocks at Kastov 762 Lv. 6) / Stock Prolite TL3 (unlocks at RPK Lv.17)
  • Rear Grip: True-Tac Grip (unlocks at Vaznev-9K Lv. 10)
  • Ammo: 7.62 High Velocity (unlocked at Lachmann-762 Lv. 10)

As mentioned above, the Kastov 762 has a lot of recoil, so it’s worth keeping in mind that this isn’t the best option if you’re looking for a longer range assault rifle.

As such, it’s a bit difficult to lean towards combat at longer ranges, so we chose a build that does the opposite.

Our approach is to stick to relatively short to medium-sized lines of sight, although we recognize that the size of the Warzone 2.0 map may require something a little more flexible for range.

To make this weapon highly mobile for combat, we opted for the Kastovia 343 barrel: while it reduces the damage range, it increases its aim down sight speed (ADS), allowing you to open fire more accurately at a faster rate. faster.

Alternatively, for a bit more flexibility, you can opt for the 584mm KAS-10 barrel, which will increase damage range, give the weapon better recoil control and bullet velocity, while increasing accuracy. from the hip shot for those really close confrontations; however, this option reduces ADS speed, unlike the Kastovia 343, and will require some effort to acquire, so choose based on your preferences.

As for optics, we’re sticking with the old trusty Cronen Mini Red Dot, although the Hybrid Firepoint could be a good alternative as you can switch between a standard reflex sight and a longer-range extended zoom.

For the stock, we opted for the KSTV-RPK Factory, good if you are looking to increase the aiming stability of the weapon, but you can choose the Prolite TL3 if you want to have more ADS speed, a good way to compensate for the negatives of the KAS-10 584MM barrel.

For the rear grip, we will recommend the True-Tac Grip, a good option to reinforce and accelerate the stroke-to-fire speed of the weapon, ideal for when quick retaliation is needed against sudden enemy attacks.

To help your shots reach enemies faster, our last accessory will be the weapon’s ammo: the 7.62 High Velocity Ammo will increase the Kastov’s accuracy stat, while also increasing the speed of the bullet.

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Warzone 2.0 Kastov 762, best-in-class build, perk pack and loadout

Our picks for the best Warzone 2.0 Kastov 762 build, perk pack, and best class gear are:

  • Perk Pack: Vanguard (unlocked at level 1)
  • Secondary: Basilisk (unlocked at level 39)
  • Tactic: Flash Grenade (unlocked at level 1)
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade (unlocked at level 1)

As with the Modern Warfare 2 variant, we’re leaning heavily toward a more mobile and geared playstyle thanks to the perks provided in the Vanguard perk pack.

So what benefits are in the Vanguard benefits package?

The first is Double Time, which returns from MW2’s recommendation and is still a solid perk to pick up, granting doubled duration for tactical sprint and increasing movement speed by about a third.

Second on the list is Bomb Squad, a demolition resistance-based buff that will reduce the damage you take from player-initiated explosives. You can also reset the timer on active grenades, giving you a chance to counterattack with some explosive pain.

For the third buff, the resupply remains from the OG class configuration; This will allow you to stock up on an additional lethal grenade and reload your lethal and tactical grenades, each with 30-second cooldowns.

Finally, the fourth perk of the Vanguard package is High Alert, which does exactly what it says on the tin: when an enemy sees you, you’ll be notified on the screen with an indicator that reveals the direction the enemy is looking from. you are from.

Since the Kastov is likely to run out of ammo (not only due to its recoil, but also due to the lack of the Scavenger perk), you’ll want a powerful weapon to back you up.

As such, we recommend the I needed it. to recharge.

In terms of lethal and tactical options, we’re sticking to the basics: a combination of frag and flash grenades should serve you well here, and it’s a tradition that will probably never go away.

If the Kastov 762 isn’t exactly to your taste, don’t worry because we have other guides that can help you on your path to Warzone domination; Take our M4 and M16 guides, for example: alternative assault rifles that might suit your playstyle better. . However, if none of them are to your liking, our guide to the best Modern Warfare 2 weapons can give you some additional recommendations worth trying in Warzone 2.0.

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