Visual Test: Only sharp-eyed people can spot the carrot hidden among rabbits in 5 seconds!

Online puzzles that ask you to find hidden items or objects are the latest trend on the Internet. These riddles are not only entertaining to solve but also help improve your cognitive ability. That’s why we created a new form of the “find the hidden object challenge” called the visual puzzle test. This test is primarily intended to evaluate your ability to observe and pay attention to details. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to test your visual intelligence, you have come to the perfect place.

So are you up to the challenge? Do you have what it takes to succeed? Come on.

Visual test: detect the carrot in 5 seconds

Check out the picture puzzle posted below:


Source: Cool Side

This image published by the entertainment portal shows a group of bunnies frolicking in a flower bed. Rabbits look for a carrot hidden somewhere among the flowers. Can you spot the carrot in the given time? This visual test puzzle is only intended for people who have very sharp eyes. You know what you have to do. Grab your phone, set the timer for 5 seconds, and get started.

Meanwhile, here’s another hidden animal puzzle: you’ll have eyes like a hawk if you can spot the snake in the desert within 9 seconds!

Finding the hidden carrot in this visual test puzzle is quite difficult, so it’s understandable if you need more time to solve it. Unfortunately, you only have 5 seconds and they’re almost over. The solution is right below, so when you run out of time, just scroll down.

Visual test solution

There was a carrot hidden among the rabbits in this visual testing puzzle. You had to detect it within 5 seconds. Here it is:


Source: Cool Side

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