Viral Brain Teaser Challenge: You Have 11 Seconds To Guess The Thief Who Stole From The Palace

It’s time to put your observation and critical thinking skills to the test. In today’s world, the number of innovations is increasing, but people’s average concentration time and common sense are decreasing. No one wants to use their mind anymore and simply browse the web for solutions. The stimulus of social media and increased screen time also make things worse.

But what is the solution?, you may be wondering. Well, just like a machine needs lubrication and the body needs food to function, the mind requires exercise. In that sense, we bring you the following viral brain challenge.

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Riddles and riddles to improve intelligence

Our brain is the most unique in the animal kingdom and the reason why humans are the dominant species on the planet. You must keep your mind active at all times.

It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. Solving riddles, word games, and other riddles is a great way to keep your mind sharp and have fun at the same time. The competitive feeling and sense of triumph after solving a puzzle is the result of the injection of dopamine into the bloodstream. The hormone makes you feel good.

Solving puzzles regularly also increases your concentration, intelligence and observation skills. Today we have one of those viral challenges for you. But be careful, you will need to use every part of your brain to solve it.

Before you continue, take a look at your puzzle and spot three mistakes in the living room picture.

Viral Puzzle Challenge: Who is the Palace Thief?

There are two people in this puzzle image. They both work in a large palace. On the left is the gardener and on the right is the cook.

ad896b571f918bf536d3ad72a5.jpg.webp (728×534)

Image source: Brightside

A massive robbery has occurred at the palace and these two are the main suspects as they were both working near the site of the robbery.

The gardener says he spent all day working on the plans and even called the fire department when he smelled something burning and saw smoke coming from the palace.

The cook, on the other hand, also said that she was working in the kitchen all day and did not see anything suspicious happening.

One of them is a liar. It’s up to you to find out.

Test your observation and deduction skills and determine who the thief is: the cook or the gardener.

Look at the image carefully. All the clues are right in front of you.

So are you ready to find the thief? Relax your mind, take a deep breath and immerse yourself!

You only have 11 seconds before the thief runs away. So, hurry!

Your time starts now!

Viral Puzzle Challenge Solution Thief Revealed

Did you find the palace thief in 11 seconds? We sure hope so. Compare his answer with ours.

Viral Puzzle Challenge Solution

The palace thief is the cook. Remember when he said he didn’t leave the kitchen all day? Well, that’s not possible because he burned the cake behind her. He must have gone to rob the palace and the gardener also smelled something burning nearby. Since we know that palaces don’t hire bad cooks who burn cakes, the only possible explanation is that she is the thief.

Did you come to the same conclusion? So congratulations. Check out the recommended puzzle challenges below.

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