Turtwig 100% perfect IV stats, shiny Turtwig in Pokémon Go explained

There’s a shiny Turtwig in Pokémon Go, but that’s not the only reason you should participate in this week’s Spotlight.

On this page, we cover why you should spend some time catching Gen 4’s Turtwig during the one-hour period, including the chance to find a 100% perfect Turtwig IV, and a preview of the shiny Turtwig that’s up for grabs in Pokémon Go.

If you’re interested in the other events currently happening in Pokémon Go, the BD and SP event debuted today, and catching Turtwig can help you progress towards its goals. Recently, we’ve seen the conclusion of the Misunderstood Mischief investigation, which allows you to track down leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra, as well as Giovanni.

In this page:

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Turtwig’s 100% Perfect IV Explained in Pokémon Go

A good reason to participate in this week’s Spotlight Hour is the chance to catch a perfect Turtwig in Pokémon Go.

With his highest possible IV stats, you can turn Turtwig into Grotle and Torterra and use him in raids, gyms, and even Go Battle League if you want.

The CP values, which correspond to perfect statistics from 15/15/15, are as follows:

  • Level 30 (Max Wild CP) – 1017
  • Level 35 (maximum CP boosted by weather) – 1102

Remember: the wild CP value aligns with your trainer level until you reach level 30. If you are currently below 30, then the maximum CP value will be different. Since the majority of the player base is now above level 30, we kept the previous values ​​to keep things simple.

Is there a shiny Turtwig in Pokémon Go?

There is a shiny version of Turtwig in Pokémon Go.

As with other newcomers, Shiny Turtwig debuted during his own Community Day in September 2019.

If you participated in this event, you likely already have a handful of shiny Turtwigs available.


Remember, unlike Community Day, shiny odds during Spotlight Hour have increased, making it harder for you to find a shiny during the hour window. It’s through increasing spawn numbers, not odds, that you’ll be more likely to find a shiny during a given Spotlight Hour, so try to see as many Pokémon as possible to increase your chances!

Chinchou debuted in Pokémon Go in October 2018 as part of the first wave of Pokémon Gen 4.

What does the brilliant Turtwig look like?

Shiny Turtwig offers a typical “shiny” color palette compared to the original, ranging from light green and beige to a light blue and yellow look:

Normal vs Shiny Turtwig in Pokémon Go.

The Season of Adventure Abundance is here! You can also work on the Timed Investigation: Master Ball mission and compete in Go Battle League. Be sure to compete in Shadow Raids, complete routes, use Daily Adventure Incense for a chance to encounter Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres. This incense can also give you encounters with other rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

Other reasons to capture as many Turtwigs as possible

Even if you already have a shiny Turtwig, there are still some good reasons to catch as many Pokémon as possible during this Featured Hour, including:

  • If you haven’t had the chance to add Turtwig or its evolutions Grotle and Torterra to your Pokédex yet, then this Spotlight Hour is the perfect time to do so.
  • Each Pokémon you catch during Spotlight Hour will give you double Stardust. If you want to maximize the Stardust earned during this hour, then using a Star Piece, which increases your earnings by another 50%, is a great idea.
  • The ongoing BD and SP event also has a half-hatch distance on active eggs, which is useful if you walk and catch during Attention Time.
  • Turtwig is a Grass-type Pokémon, so you can use this hour to make good progress on the Grass Catch Bonus Medal.

Spotlight Hour only lasts one hour, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm (local time), but don’t worry if you can’t participate this week. Next week Chimchar will take center stage with a double capture XP bonus!

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