Tricky Riddle: Hey Smartie! Do You Have The Brains To Solve This Word Problem Within 11 Seconds? Try Your Skills!

Word puzzles are a great way to improve your qualitative skills if you struggle with basic reasoning. It’s up to you to solve them with reason or logic. Try this puzzle-based brain challenge to hone your problem-solving skills.

What is the riddle?

Here it comes.

What's the wordSource:

Can you solve this puzzle?

Does it seem too easy to you?

Well, let’s make this a challenge.

Set a timer for 11 seconds and try to find the answer within the allotted time.

Good luck!

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Word puzzles help develop the skills one needs throughout their career, including verbal reasoning, vocabulary, problem solving, spelling, grammar, and memory. Additionally, this mental exercise will improve your critical intuition and problem-solving abilities. And as a result, you will be better able to reason and make decisions more quickly. Let’s go over the riddle again:

‘What 8-letter word can you remove one letter from and still make a word? Take away another letter and it still makes a word. Keep doing it until there is only one letter left.’

I am sure you must have already deduced the solution. Congratulations are in order if so. We had faith in his ability to achieve it.

Still, we are going to reveal the answer so you can check it.

the word is beginningSource:

Note: This puzzle can probably have different solutions.

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