Today’s Wordle: 671 Hints and Clues of 21 April with Solution for Word Puzzle Game

Hello Wordle lovers,

Wordle is back with a new Wordle of the day and we are back with super interesting Wordle tips for you. Yes, the spark of the game increases by a hundred percent when our exciting tips help you unscramble the word. All we aim to see is that winning scratch that you achieve after cracking the Wordle of the day with the help of our Wordle tips. With this hope, we are back with another set of Wordle tips for Wordle 671, due April 21, 2023.

Wordle today decided to be nice to his players and therefore came up with a super easy word of the day. Wordle game never fails to entertain its players with hard to decipher 5 letter English words every day. Wordle’s answer today, however, is super easy, but it won’t fit until you find the right Wordle suggestions. NYTimes Wordle is a fun game to play when you’re bored or just want a little adrenaline.

Are you ready to receive our exciting Wordle tips?

Before that, let us know the game better.

How to play Wordle?

NYTimes Wordle is a game that is liked by all age groups. Whether you’re a school-going kid, a brave teenager, or a mature adult, we all want a little Wordle fun in our days. To quench this thirst, NYTimes Wordle includes a new 5-letter word every day. Unlike other games that give you the opportunity to play unlimitedly at any time of the day, Wordle gives you only 6 chances to unscramble the word. If you lose in all these 6 chances, you will have to wait until the next dawn to learn the new word.

Therefore, the smart ones look for clues about Jagran Josh to solve their Wordle challenges in just minutes.

Playing Wordle is not easy, but that’s what makes it super entertaining. Every day, the word game features a grid that allows you to guess 6 5-letter words.

If any of the letters you entered exist in that five-letter word, the box will turn yellow. If the letter is placed exactly in the correct box in any of your guesses, it will turn green.

The objective is to decipher that 5-letter word chosen by Wordle in 6 attempts.

How on earth can you decipher the exact word without outside help? Well, that’s why we’re here, to help you!

Below are the 5 tips you may need. In case you still fail, we will not let go of your hand. We have also mentioned Wordle’s answer at the end.

Wordle Tips for Today, April 21, 2023:

Word Tip 1:

The word of the day has a doubled vowel and a doubled consonant.

Wordle Track 2:

The word begins with “L” or “K.”

Word Tip 3:

There is an “S”, “T”, “Y”, “Z” in the word.

One of the vowels in the word of the day is in 2nd position.

Reverse the letters of the word and you will get the same word.

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