Teamfight Tactics patch notes: what’s new in TFT patch 9.16

The Teamfight Tactics patch notes are a weekly highlight for anyone properly embedded in the world of TFT, and each patch brings some pretty significant tweaks and changes to the game.

Patches are fairly regular, at a rate of one per week, and due to the min-max nature of the game, it’s worth keeping up with the changes that each Teamfight Tactics update brings.

In the meantime, if you’re just starting out, it’s worth checking out our Teamfight Tactics guide and tips page for a fantastic introduction to the game of auto chess.

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When is the Teamfight Tactics patch update release day and time?

The Teamfight Tactics patch release day varies, but is most often released on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning in the UK, at the following times:

  • UK: 3am (BST)
  • Europe: 04:00 hours (CEST)
  • US East Coast: 10 pm (EDT)
  • US West Coast: 7 pm (PDT)

For more information like this, check out what’s new in the latest Teamfight Tactics Update 9.16 patch notes or head over to our Teamfight Tactics introductory guide to get off to a good start in the mode. Otherwise, we’ve got a Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet and a Teamfight Tactics tier list to give you an idea of ​​who’s strong right now too.

Teamfight Tactics Patch Notes: What’s New in TFT Patch 9.16

Here are the Teamfight Tactics 9.16 patch notes, released on August 14 in the UK, copied verbatim from the official League of Legends site with credit to Riot Games.


The Hextechs

  • All Hextech champions are strong and serve their own purpose, but together they provide some counter to the elements. But you can play with the bomb itself. We hope this adds a new and interesting dynamic to play.
  • Trait: Drop a bomb on an enemy unit with an item and deactivate all items within a 1/2 hex radius for 8 seconds.


  • Ability: Camille’s ability, The Hextech Ultimatum, immobilizes an enemy and forces her teammates within range to target whoever she is fighting.
  • Class: Sword Master
  • Cost: 1 gold
  • Skill Damage: 200/325/450


  • Ability: Disrupts the enemy front line by knocking down an enemy unit with his Thundering Strike. He then switches to his Mercury Cannon, which increases attack speed and ranged damage.
  • Class: Shapeshifter
  • Cost: 2 gold
  • Skill Damage: 200/350/500


  • Ability: Target the farthest enemy and charge towards them, knocking down and damaging all enemies along the way. Once he gets there, he knocks down his target and damages them.
  • Class: fighter
  • Cost: 3 gold
  • Skill Damage: 250/450/650


  • Ability: Gets excited after his first takedown and gains bonus attack speed. If he scores a second takedown, he brings out Fishbones, his rocket launcher, causing his attacks to deal AoE damage.
  • Class: Gunfighter
  • Cost: 4 gold
  • Rocket Damage: 100/225/350 magic damage in an explosion that covers 3 hexes total.



  • We’ve improved how player matching works to avoid irregular scenarios where you’d face the same player (or ghost army) two or more times in a row. Now this should almost never happen.

URF Overtime Mode

  • Now, 30 seconds after each battle, URF Overtime kicks in and speeds things up for 15 seconds. Ties are still possible, but there should be many fewer of them.
  • 30 seconds after each battle the URF overtime bonus will be activated.
  • 300% attack speed
  • 200% skill damage
  • Crowd control duration reduced by 66%
  • 66% healing reduction
  • 30% more affection towards maritime mammals.

Classified changes

  • As intended, everyone will now be demoted if you lose LP in any game you start with 0LP.
  • For Grandmaster and Challenger players, if you are demoted, you will now skip the Master level and go directly to Diamond 1. This now also applies in League of Legends.
  • We’ve also made adjustments to LP profits and losses under the hood for edge cases. For the most part, you won’t see or feel any changes based on this optimization.

Damage to the player

  • Base damage now increases with current stage.
  • Stages 1-2: 1 damage
  • Stage 3-4: 2 damage
  • Stage 5: 3 damage
  • Stage 6: 4 damage
  • Stage 7+: 5 damage



  • The fighters are pretty strong and get a lot of free health, so let’s tone it down a bit.
  • Bonus Health: 300/700/1200 ⇒ 300/600/1000


  • We’ve redesigned the Demon trait bonus so it’s not a shutdown of skill-dependent units like it was before. Instead, demons drain mana, allowing them to cast their spells faster.
  • Demon basic attacks have a 40% chance to burn 20 mana from their target and return 15/30/45 mana to the attacker.


  • Ninjas should be strong individual units that have a place on almost any team. They’re not getting there right now, so we’re buffing their trait and some of the individual champions.
  • Bonus attack damage and ability power: 40/60 ⇒ 50/70


  • Nobles still underperform a bit as an endgame fantasy. We’ll probably have to make bigger changes to fix this, but for now we’re giving them a little boost.
  • Additional armor and magic resistance: 60 ⇒ 70


  • Three-piece Sorcerer is too strong due to his versatility.
  • Bonus ability power: 45%/100% ⇒ 40%/100%


  • Wild is still underperforming, we’ll give him a little more.
  • Attack Speed: 10% per stack ⇒ 12% per stack



  • Health: 450 ⇒ 500
  • Spider Attack Speed: 0.6 ⇒ 0.7


  • Non-isolated damage: 150/300/450 ⇒ 150/250/350


  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies within range at the start of the cast time.


  • Now always heals two units when transformed. Previously, she only healed herself if she had the lowest health on your team.


  • Attack speed: 0.75 ⇒ 0.7
  • Skill Damage (% of maximum health): 8%/10%/12% ⇒ 8%/12%/16%




  • Total mana (the mana needed to cast your ability): 150 ⇒ 125


  • Skill Health: 300/475/650 ⇒ 300/400/500


  • Health: 500 ⇒ 550
  • Attack speed: 0.65 ⇒ 0.7
  • Skill Damage: 200/300/400 ⇒ 200/350/500



  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies within range at the start of the cast time.


  • He now prioritizes his current target with his ability.
  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies within range at the start of the cast time.


  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies within range at the start of the cast time.
  • Attack Damage: 50 ⇒ 65


  • No longer casts his ability if there are no enemies within range at the start of the cast time.


  • Leap AI improved to better distance itself from its target.




  • Skill Damage: 200/375/550 ⇒ 250/450/650
  • Starting and total mana: 0/125 ⇒ 50/150


  • Skill Damage: 250/500/750 ⇒ 175/350/525



  • Starting and total mana: 0/85 ⇒ 40/125


  • Attack speed: 1.1 ⇒ 1.0

miss fortune

  • Health: 650 ⇒ 700
  • Total mana: 100 ⇒ 75


Be quiet

  • Reworked: Now has a 33% chance on hit to prevent the enemy champion from gaining mana (we call it Mana Lock) for four seconds.

infinity edge

  • Critical Hit Damage: 150% ⇒ 200%

Ionic spark

  • Damage: 150 ⇒ 125. Now stacks correctly.

Reliquary of the Iron Solari

  • Shield Duration: 4 seconds ⇒ 6 seconds


  • Burn Damage: 20% of maximum health for 5 seconds ⇒ 20% of maximum health for 10 seconds.

red suede

  • Burn Damage: 13% of maximum health for 5 seconds ⇒ 20% of maximum health for 10 seconds


  • Healing: 1000 health ⇒ 1500 health.

Statikk Shiv

  • Damage and bounces: 4 bounces, 90 damage per bounce ⇒ 3 bounces, 100 damage per bounce

Warmog’s armor

  • Heal: Now heals a maximum of 400 health per tick. This mainly weakens its effect on PVE dragons.

Guardian angel

  • Tooltips updated to reflect functionality (does not break abilities or remove positive buffs). Now properly remove serious wounds and resurrect properly.
  • Health on resurrection: 800 ⇒ 500

New fall mechanic

  • In rare cases, it is now possible to delete an entire element instead of the two components separately.


  • Baby Spiders and Golem can now be targeted by Frozen Heart, Kindred, Swain, Karthus, Shen, and Veigar.
  • Graves now correctly gains range with Rapidfire Cannon.
  • Frozen Heart no longer applies too many slows when stacking.
  • Fixed some item slots not showing up or being in strange places.
  • Fixed win/loss gold streak being awarded after PvE rounds instead of after the previous PvP round (gold streak should be awarded at the end of all PvP rounds and not PvE rounds).
  • Fixed Little Legends having collisions after dying (and subsequently body-locking players in the shared spinner).
  • Fixed Blitzcrank trying (and failing) to target untargetable enemies and therefore not casting spells.

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