Tallest WWE Wrestlers in the World 2023 – Top 10 Ranked

The tallest WWE wrestlers in the world 2023

Fighters are a unique breed of humans who are typically tall, stocky, and unusual. Wrestling is a very popular and watched sport around the world, with several divisions that are popular around the world, but WWE is the most prevalent.

Throughout WWE history, there have been numerous extraordinary individuals. The tallest WWE wrestler in history was Gigante González, standing at a staggering 8 feet. Imagine facing someone so tall and burly!

Many enthusiasts delight in watching these colossal athletes compete in wrestling events, which explains the prevalence of wrestlers standing over 7 feet tall in the WWE.

Performing in the ring and defeating your opponent in WWE requires physical and mental strength. As evident from the impressive physiques of some wrestlers, size is a crucial factor and, in decades past, giants were particularly prevalent on the wrestling scene. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 tallest wrestlers in WWE. With the increasing emphasis on fitness, these individuals continue to be sought after for their commanding presence and memorable personalities.

The 10 tallest WWE wrestlers in the world

Here is the list of top 10 tallest WWE wrestlers in the world. See below for the wrestler’s height and weight.


The tallest wrestlers in WWE


Jorge gonzalez


andré the giant


Giant Silva


The great Khali


The great show




great cass


Roberto Maillet


Kevin Nash


the undertaker

Let’s look at each of the Fighters in detail.

1. Jorge González

Jorge González was a well-known wrestler with an imposing height of 8 feet (2.4 m). He was famous for his time in the World Wrestling Championship, where he performed under the name El Gigante during the years 1989 and 1992. However, due to a medical condition called gigantism, which caused abnormal growth, his height reached the astonishing figure of 8 feet. In 1993, he participated in a highly acclaimed match at the Royal Rumble.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

2. Andre the Giant

André René Roussimoff, better known as André The Giant, was a French wrestler with an imposing height of 7 feet 4 inches due to a condition called gigantism. He was widely considered one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and was even known as “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” André gained immense popularity after his iconic match against Hulk Hogan in 1980, which he won. Even after his passing, he remained an unparalleled legend in the world of wrestling, with no other great wrestler able to match his skill and reputation.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

3. Giant Silva

Giant Silva, formerly known as Paulo Cesar da Silva, is a former national basketball player who represented the Brazilian national team with distinction. After a successful career in basketball, he transitioned to the world of wrestling, where he gained immense popularity under his ring name “Giant Silva.” Standing at an impressive height of 7’2”, he was ranked the 6th tallest wrestler in the world in 2014.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

4. The Great Khali

The Great Khali, born Dalip Singh Rana, is an Indian-born American professional wrestler and former world heavyweight champion. He has the distinction of being the first Indian wrestler to win a world heavyweight championship in WWE history. Standing at a towering height of 7’1”, he is an imposing figure in the ring. Despite his achievements, he did not receive as much fame and popularity, possibly because he came from India and did not speak English fluently.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

5. The big show

The Big Show is a renowned American wrestler with an impressive height of 7 feet. He has the unique distinction of being the only wrestler to have won all four major titles at least once in his career, including the WCW Heavyweight Title twice and the WWE Championship twice. In addition, he has also won other important titles, such as the Intercontinental, United States and Hardcore Championships, among others. From the beginning, it was clear that he had the potential for a notable wrestling career.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked


Kane, born Glen Jacobs in Madrid, Spain, is a highly skilled WWE wrestler who began his wrestling career in the early 1990s, around 1993 and 1994. Every time he steps into the ring, he exudes incredible energy. and constantly emerges victorious. Standing at a towering 7 feet tall, Kane is widely regarded as a monster in the ring and has enjoyed immense success throughout his career, cementing his status as one of the most successful wrestlers in the industry.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

7. . great cass

Big Cass, born William Morrissey in Queens, New York, stands at an impressive height of 7 feet. He has shown great professionalism throughout his career and has even received specialized training at the Wrestling School of America, where he honed his wrestling skills until he became a competent wrestler.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

8. Robert Maillet

Robert Maillet, a Canadian entertainer and expert wrestler, gained recognition for his time in the WWF during 1997 to 1999. During this time, he often went by the name Kurrgan and was an integral part of the wrestling group “The Commission.” and later “The Oddities”. Known for his impressive wrestling skills, Maillet is considered one of the best wrestlers in the industry.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

9.Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash, an American wrestler who stands 6 feet tall, has gained widespread recognition for his performances in multiple wrestling promotions such as WCW, WWF, and TNA. His impressive skills have led him to several championship titles, including the WWF World Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship. Notably, he also achieved a major milestone by being the first wrestler to defeat Goldberg, breaking his long undefeated streak of 173-0.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

10. The Undertaker

Standing 6 feet 10 inches tall, The Undertaker, whose real name is Mike William, hails from Houston and is widely considered one of the best wrestlers in the world. He boasts an impressive record of seven World Heavyweight Championship victories, having held the WWE title four times and the World Heavyweight title belt three times.

World's Tallest WWE Wrestlers 2023: Top 10 Ranked

Who is the tallest WWE wrestler in the world 2023?

Jorge González was an imposing figure and one of the tallest men in history. His height was both his greatest advantage and his greatest weakness, as he played professional basketball as a center in his home country for Gimnasia La Plata and Sport Club, and even represented the National Team from 1985 to 1988. Despite being selected by the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks in 1988, he had to give up basketball due to a knee injury that prevented him from running properly.

Ted Turner, the owner of the Hawks, signed him to be part of WCW, where he began his wrestling career under the nickname “The Giant.” He gained worldwide fame in this profession and appeared in several television shows and movies, including Vince McMahon’s WWF organization, where he was known as Giant Gonzales, and also in Japan. Unfortunately, a back injury forced him to retire in 1998.

In 2000, suffering from diabetes and gigantism, he became assistant coach of the Argentine basketball team Belgrano San Nicolás. He was honored in the 2001 LNB All-Star Game for being the first Argentine basketball player to reach the NBA. In later years, he was confined to a wheelchair and on September 22, 2010 he died from complications related to diabetes in his hometown of San Martín, Argentina. Despite not having the long career of other wrestling giants, such as André el Gigante or The Big Show, wrestling fans of the early 1990s have fond memories of Jorge González.


The world of wrestling is full of giant personalities and WWE is no exception. Wrestling requires physical and mental strength, and size is a crucial factor, with some of the tallest wrestlers standing over 7 feet tall. In this article, we look at the 10 tallest WWE wrestlers in the world, including legendary wrestlers like Andre the Giant and The Undertaker, as well as modern wrestlers like Big Cass and The Great Khali. These athletes are known for their commanding presence, impressive physiques, and memorable personalities, and remain in high demand in the world of wrestling.

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