Spot the Difference: Can you spot 8 differences between the two images in 17 seconds?

Find the difference: The “find the difference” activity is one of the most popular activities that internet users love to do during their free time.

In this type of activities, although the images seem the same at first glance, there are differences between them that must be found in a certain time.

Apart from providing much-needed fun, it also helps improve cognitive skills such as attention to detail and visual perception.

It is a good way to improve attention and enhance observation skills, as well as to relax and unwind after a long day.

Regularly participating in these types of activities can also help prevent cognitive decline in older adults.

Are you ready to test your level of attention?

Let us begin.

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Find the differences – Find 8 differences in 17 seconds


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The two images shared above show a road scene where you can see houses, trees and cars.

Although the images appear identical at first glance, there are 8 differences between the two images and you have 17 seconds to find them.

Only the most attentive will be able to detect the differences between the two images within the time limit.

The key to finding all the differences is to look at the images carefully and identify the differences that catch your attention.

While some differences are easily noticed, others can be difficult to spot and may require you to look closer.

How many differences have you noticed so far?

Quickly make a note of all of them so you can check them later.

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Did you find 8 differences in 17 seconds?

This activity serves as an excellent exercise for the brain by stimulating critical thinking, which is beneficial for improving cognitive abilities.

It can also improve memory retention and increase overall mental agility, making it a great way to maintain brain health and prevent cognitive decline.

Additionally, this type of activity can be enjoyable and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Have you noticed all the differences?

Hurry up; time will end soon.

Keep looking, you may soon notice all the differences.

So far we have reached the end of the challenge.

How many of you were able to spot all the differences within the time limit?

Are you curious to know what the 8 differences were?

Then look at the solution below.

Find 8 differences in 17 seconds – Solution

The following are the differences between the two images:


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