Spider-Man suits list, all powers and unlock requirements

advanced suit Battle Focus: The hybrid biomembrane rapidly generates focus for a short period of time. Story Mission “Something Old, Something New” 1 backpack token 2 crime tokens classic suit [Damaged] No associated stick power. Story Mission “Something Old, Something New” Free classic suit [Repaired] Web Blossom: Jump into the air and grab everything within reach. Story Mission “Something Old, Something New” 2 backpack tokens 2 crime tokens black suit Sound of Silence: Enemies no longer call for reinforcements when alerted. Story Mission “Something Old, Something New” 2 backpack tokens 1 base token Scarlet Spider Costume Holo Decoy – Experimental AR technology spawns multiple Holo Decoys that stun attacking enemies before decomposing. Level 4 3 crime tokens2 milestone tokens Spider Armor – MK II Suit Bulletproof: Magnetically polarized armor makes the suit temporarily bulletproof against all enemies, even snipers. Level 5 1 base token1 flagship token2 research tokens secret war suit Arms Race: Discharge amplified EMP to stun enemies and disable their weapons. Level 7 2 backpack tokens, 1 base token, 2 research tokens rigid suit Spider-Bro: Call a Spider-Bro to temporarily assist you in combat. Level 9 1 base token 3 crime tokens 1 investigation token negative suit Negative Shockwave: Synchronize meshless particles to unleash a devastating wave of negative energy. Level 11 1 base token 2 flagship tokens 1 research token electrically insulated suit Electric Punch: High discharge capacitors struck by the kit temporarily electrify the gauntlets and electrify enemies. Level 13 1 base token 3 crime tokens 1 investigation token Spider-Punk Rock Out: Attack enemies with just sound waves. Level 16 2 Backpack Tokens 3 Crime Tokens 2 Milestone Tokens fighter suit King of the Ring – Web Throw enemies without having to weave them. Level 19 2 backpack tokens2 base tokens2 research tokens Suit of fear itself Quad Damage: Support Nanomuscle temporarily deals MASSIVE damage. Level 21 2 base tokens6 challenge tokens3 research tokens Stealth Suit (“Big Time”) Blurry Projector: Creates a distortion field that can hide you from the vision of unaware enemies. Level 23 2 Base Tokens4 Challenge Tokens3 Milestone Tokens Spider Armor – MK III Suit Titanium Alloy Plates: Dynamic semi-liquid smart metal crystallizes to reflect all bullets except sniper bullets towards shooters. Level 26 2 base tokens4 challenge tokens4 crime tokens Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit Low Gravity: Decreases gravity while in the air. Level 29 2 base tokens4 crime tokens4 investigation tokens iron spider suit Iron Arms: Wreak havoc with four articulated arms made of fast-growing monatomic iron alloy crystal. Level 31 3 base tiles3 challenge tiles4 crime tiles speed suit No associated stick power. Level 33 2 Backpack Tokens 4 Challenge Tokens 2 Milestone Tokens Spider Armor – MK IV Suit Defense Shield: The experimental magnetic weave generates an energy shield that temporarily absorbs all damage. Level 35 4 Base Tokens4 Challenge Tokens3 Milestone Tokens Spirit spider Spiritual Fire: Channels unstable waves of harmful ethereal energy from… somewhere… Level 37 6 base tokens6 challenge tokens6 crime tokens Spider-Man 2099 White Suit Concussion Strike: Vented concussion technology temporarily sends enemies flying with each attack. Level 39 4 base tiles4 challenge tiles4 crime tiles Vintage comic costume Jokes: insult your enemy’s pride, Level 41 4 backpack tokens 4 challenge tokens 4 crime tokens Last resort suit Relentless Fury: Enemies cannot block or interrupt your attacks, even if they have shields. Level 45 20 crime tokens ??????? Equalizer: Everyone falls in one fell swoop, including you. Story Mission “Pax in Bello” Complete all main and side quests and reach 100% District Completion in all Districts. homemade suit No associated stick power. Story Mission “Something Old, Something New” Find all the backpacks. Anti-lock suit Replenishment: Distributed nanomesh continuously recharges current device sockets. Story Mission “Pax in Bello” [Hidden] Free Dark suit No associated stick power. Story Mission “Rethinking” [Hidden] Complete all Black Cat Watches. ESU suit No associated stick power. None Complete all secret photo operations.

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