Spider-Man Miles Morales Bodega Cat Suit location: How to complete the Looters!!! and Cat’s Pyjamas side missions to unlock the Bodega Cat Suit explained

The Bodega Cat suit is one of the special Spider-Man suits that you can unlock in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

This suit is quite special because, while it doesn’t offer you new modifications, it does allow you to fight crime alongside a cat.

If you want to wear this special costume and have a cat friend, then you must complete two side quests: Looters!!! and cat pajamas.

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How to unlock the Bodega Cat suit in Spider-Man Miles Morales at a glance

You must complete the following steps to unlock the Bodega Cat suits in Spider-Man Miles Morales and fight crime alongside a cat:

  1. Complete the Christmas Eve main quest.
  2. Complete the raiders!!! side quest
  3. Complete the main campaign.
  4. Complete the Cat’s Pajamas side quest.

Looters!!! Secondary mission in Spider-Man Miles Morales explained

The looters!!! The side quest will become available once you have met Aaron for the first time and unlocked the FNSM app after completing the main quest, Christmas Eve.

Go to the FNSM app and select Looters! from the list of available side quests, before heading to Teto’s warehouse, which is located in Harlem, near Miles’ apartment.

Upon entering, you will discover that Teto has been robbed and, to make matters worse, the thieves took his cat, whose name is Spider-Man.

To find Spider-Man, you will need to head to the power plant located northeast of Teto’s warehouse and enter through the vent on the roof.

Once inside, go through the gap in the upper right corner of the room you land in and then take out any guards you encounter.

After they’re taken out, you’ll want to recharge the generator using your poison powers, before following Spider-Man down the elevator shaft.

Access to the elevator shaft is gained by pulling on the gears and then clamping them once the elevator has moved up.

Go down the elevator shaft and you will find yourself in another room full of criminals who you will have to eliminate.

Once you defeat them, head down the hallway at the north end of the room and through the small vent to reach another group of criminals that you must defeat.

Once you’ve taken care of them, destroy the energy controls and go down the next vent to reach the next room where you will repeat the process of fighting enemies, exploding energy controls, and going through the vents to reach the final area of ​​the room. power plant.

Again eliminate all enemies as you choose, so you can safely activate the main switch and discover that it doesn’t work.

You will now need to climb the stairs to the left of the switch and destroy the control panel, followed by connecting the two nodes with some straps to return power to the generator.

Doing this will cause the final wave of enemies to arrive and they will bring Spider-Man the cat with them.

Defeat these enemies to save the cat Spider-Man and return him to Teto, who will be very happy to see his cat.

For completing this side quest, you will receive 10 activity tokens.

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Cat’s Pajamas side quest in Spider-Man Miles Morales explained

Once you have completed the main campaign of Spider-Man Miles Morales, you will be able to find the cat pajamas in the FNSM app.

Select Cat’s Pajamas from the list of side quests and Tato will ask you to stop by this store, which is located just down the street from Miles’ apartment. You can get there quickly by fast traveling to the apartment.

Once there, head to Teto’s Winery and pat Spider-Man the cat to unlock the Bodega Cat suit.

Now you can walk around the city with the cat Spider-Man and he even has his own mask. He will also appear when you complete a finishing move from time to time.

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