Slime Rancher 2 Gordo locations list

El Gordo from Slime Rancher 2 is a giant slime that can be found in out-of-the-way places.

Finding them is the first part of the puzzle. After that, you’ll need to get them out of the way by feeding them, making them (harmlessly!) explode into smaller slimes, a useful way to find specific slime locations in a pinch.

This usually also unlocks a new area in Slime Rancher 2, whether it’s a completely new island, a cave with resources, or a passage that makes travel easier.

Getting Gordo slime to explode may require a lot of food, but feeding it its favorite food will speed up the process. You’ll know if you’ve gotten their favorite food because hearts will appear when you feed them, although we’ve also cataloged all of the Slime Rancher 2 Gordo locations here for your convenience.

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Slime Rancher 2 Rainbow Fields Locations Gordo

Following are all of Gordo’s locations in Rainbow Fields:

Pink Fat Slime

The Gordo Pink Slime is located in the northwest area of ​​Rainbow Fields. Head through a small opening to the right when you first reach the area with Tabby Slime.

Fatty Pink Slime eats anything and has no favorite food.

When fully powered, it will explode into many smaller Pink Slime and reveal a stream of water. By using this to reach higher ground and walk the path there, you can activate the teleporter that will take you to the Valley of Embers.

Gordo cotton slime

The Gordo Cotton Slime is found in the southern area of ​​Rainbow Fields. Look for a small slope that takes you to a hidden area to find it. His diet is vegetables and his favorite food is water lettuce.

In addition to creating many Cotton Slimes, its explosion opens a cave. Inside is another device you can activate to activate a teleporter. This will open the way to Starlight Strand.

Fat Match Slime

To find Gordo Phosphor Slime, head south from the greenhouse and continue past the dock.

There is a crack formed by two pieces of cliff leaning against each other; Head there and look to the right to find a cave with the Gordo Phosphor Slime inside.

The Gordo Phosphor Slime eats fruit and prefers Cuberry. Once fed, open the cave area behind, which should have some valuable resources, as well as one of the doors that can be opened. Shooting the Slime Statue with a Tabby Chart will open this door for easier passage through Rainbow Fields.

Slime Rancher 2 Locations Ember Valley Gordo

Following are all of Gordo’s locations in Ember Valley:

Slime Fat Boom

The Gordo Boom Slime can be found in western Ember Valley. Their diet is meat and their favorite food is Briar chicken.

Once fed, it turns into many Boom Slimes and opens a new cave area where there are a couple of collectible capsules and some interesting plot secrets.

Fat Batty Slime

The Fat Batty Slime can be found in the Ember Valley cave area. The entrance is located where the yellow and brown areas meet, right next to the sign warning of danger.

Fat Batty Slime’s diet is fruit and his favorite food is pomegranate.

Once fed, he turns into Batty Slime and opens a new entrance to this cave, making the journey through Ember Valley a little easier.

Gordo rock slime

The Gordo Rock Slime is found in a gap between a circle of cliffs to the east of Ember Valley.

You can carefully ascend these cliffs using the jetpack (this is easier when it has been upgraded) and fall on top of them, but don’t fall too far because the Fat Slime is on a pillar that is too high to reach from below. .

Gordo Rock Slime’s diet is vegetables and he especially likes heart beets. Bring them with you if you can, as there are very few vegetables nearby.

Once fed, it explodes into many smaller Rock Slimes and opens a stream of water that makes getting in and out of this area much easier.

Gordo Crystal Slime

The Gordo Crystal Slime can be found towards the north of Ember Valley, in an area with many cliffs and waterfalls.

His diet is Vegetable and he especially likes the Odd Onion. There are a few of these in the riverside areas, but be careful not to fall completely because you can’t swim!

Once fed, Gordo Crystal Slime explodes into many smaller Crystal Slimes and opens a stream of water which is somewhat useful for exploring this area.

Fat Brindle Slime

The Fat Tabby Slime can be found at the northern end of Ember Valley, on a small island that can be reached by jetpack.

It’s easiest to get here by heading north from Crystal Slime, especially if you already have the water jet unlocked by feeding it.

The Tabby Slime’s diet is meat and its favorite food is stone hen. When fed enough, it explodes into many Tabby Slimes and opens a teleportation link back to Rainbow Fields.

Specifically, it will take you to a hidden cave towards the north of the island.

Slime Rancher 2 Starlight Strand Gordo Locations

Following are all of Gordo’s locations in Starlight Strand:

Fat Hunter Slime

The Fat Hunter Slime can be found blocking a cave in a small beach area to the south of the purple area of ​​Starlight Strand.

It must be accessed from the north, because it is blocked by cliffs in all other directions.

His diet is Meat and his favorite food is Rooster.

Once it has been fed enough, it will split into many smaller Hunter Slimes and the cave will open revealing an area with a collectible capsule and usually a lot of useful resources.

Gordo honey slime

The Gordo Honey Slime can be found near the center of Starlight Strand, near where the beach area meets the pink area. It’s on a bridge overlooking the area where the other honey slime can be found, so look up and use the jetpack.

Gordo Honey Slime’s diet is fruit and his favorite food is mango with mint. There are a few different types of fruits in the river area, but for mango with mint, head further south.

When fully fed, the Gordo will break down into many smaller Honey Slimes. It will also open a new cave area behind to explore.

Fat Ringtail Slime

The Gordo Ringtail Slime can be found in the south of Starlight Strand. It’s easiest to approach from the west, through the area where Flutter Slime appears.

The Fat Ringtail Slime will eat anything and has no preference, but like other Ringtail Slimes, it turns to stone during the day, so you can only feed it at night.

Once fed, it bursts into many smaller Ringtail Slimes, opening a new teleportation point that will take you back to the south of Rainbow Island.

Slime Fat Fisherman

The Gordo Angler Slime can be found in a cave towards the southeast of Starlight Strand.

Their diet is Meat and their favorite food is Sea Hen. Some of them can be found inside the cave.

Once he becomes a smaller Angler Slime, he will reveal a water jet that can be used to facilitate access from the beach to the southern area of ​​Starlight Strand.

Fat Flutter Slime

The Gordo Flutter Slime can be found at the southern end of Starlight Strand. Like all Flutter Slimes, their diet is only nectar, which is quite rare and can only be found at night; the link mentioned above can help you find locations.

The good news is that you won’t need too many, since it is also Fat Slime’s favorite food.

When fully powered, it will open an underground area with a large amount of Flutter Slime, a message droid, and a capsule containing the recipe for the teleporter to Starlight Strand. To get out again you will need to find a passage in the wall about halfway down.

Best of luck with your Gordo slime search!

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