Seek and Find Puzzle: You have eagle eyes if you can spot a shoe in the underwater scene in 5 seconds!

Seek and Find Puzzle: The “seek and find” puzzle is based on the premise of finding an item hidden within a picture within a time limit. It is one of the most popular activities that Internet users try today.

Solving these puzzles requires a lot of attention and concentration for a short period of time.

These activities not only greatly help in improving observation skills but also act as a stress buster that helps you relax after a long day.

It is popular with children and adults alike and is often used as a fun way to improve cognitive skills.

Do you want to check how detailed you are?

Then try this challenge now!

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Search and Find: Find Hidden Shoes in 5 Seconds


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows an underwater scene where children in scuba gear can be seen exploring the seabed and marine life.

Various forms of marine life are seen in the image, such as an octopus and a dolphin, along with other fish.

Hidden under the water is a shoe that you must detect within 5 seconds.

People with keen observation skills will be able to spot the shoe within the time limit.

Look closely at the image, scan all areas and see if you can spot the hidden shoe.

Seek and Find Puzzle – Can you find the hidden word in 5 seconds?

Did you find the shoe in 5 seconds?

Detecting the hidden shoe within 5 seconds is a difficult task even for experienced observers.

For a trained eye, spotting the shoe won’t take long.

Have you seen the hidden shoe?


Looking for a clue?

Here you have.

The shoe is not on the right side of the image.

Did you see the hidden shoe now?

Hurry up; the clock runs fast.


Time is over.

How many of you successfully detected the hidden shoe in the image?

We think most of you will have already seen the hidden shoe.

Those who are still searching for the shoe can check out the solution provided below.

Find the shoe in 5 seconds – Solution

The hidden shoe can be found at the bottom left of the image, where it rests against the back of the treasure chest.


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