Seek and Find: Only a genius can find an octopus in this image within 8 seconds. Can you?

Search and Find: The “seek and find” game is based on the premise of finding a thing or object hidden in a picture. It is called “search and find” because users must search for the thing or object in the image within a certain period of time.

It’s a good way to test and improve your observation skills. The best thing about this activity is that you can do it both individually and in a group.

Do you want to test your observation skills?

Try this quick challenge now.

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Search and find: find octopuses in 8 seconds


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The image shared above shows a group of dogs enjoying their time in a park. While some play, others rest, there are dogs selling items in the cart.

Dogs have a good time with other dogs. You can see dogs selling ice cream in an ice cream truck.

Now, as the title suggests, there is an octopus in the picture among the dogs and you have 8 seconds to find it.

This exercise is designed to test your attention to detail. Only those with great observation skills will be able to find the octopus in time.

The key to solving this seek and find puzzle is to pay close attention to the image and see if you can spot an octopus and the relatively shorter time limit makes it even more challenging.

Did you know?

The octopus has three hearts and the blood of the octopus is blue due to the presence of a pigment called hemocyanin.

Have you seen the octopus?


Hurry up; time is running out.

Are you looking for a clue?

Here you have.

The octopus is not on the left side of the image.

Now you can refine your search for the octopus with this clue.

Keep an eye out for something with 8 legs.

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Did you find the octopus?


Time is over.

How many of you have successfully seen the octopus?

Congratulations to those who have seen the octopus, and those who couldn’t must be scratching their heads.

Don’t worry, the solution is provided below for your reference.

Keep reading.

Find the octopus in 8 seconds – Solution

The octopus is hidden in the tree and its location is marked with a red circle. Quite an unusual place for an octopus, right?


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