Seek and Find: Can you find the odd doll in this image within 9 seconds?

Seek and Find Puzzle: The basic concept behind a “seek and find” puzzle involves finding a thing or object hidden in a picture.

In this activity, users must search for the thing or object in the image within a specific time.

It is considered one of the best ways to test and improve your observation skills.

The good thing about this activity is that you can do it both individually and in a group.

Individually, it provides the opportunity to understand the level of your observation skills, and in groups, it can help identify who has the best observation skills within the group.

Interesting, right?

Do you want to know how good your observation skills are?

Try this quick search and find challenge now.

You have hawk eyes if you can see the cat in this optical illusion image in 19 seconds

Search and find: find a strange doll in 9 seconds


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows a scene in which a large number of dolls can be seen.

The challenge for you is to spot a strange doll in the image.

You have 9 seconds to find the doll.

This challenge is a good way to test your observation and situational awareness skills.

People with good observation skills will be able to find a doll within the time limit.

The best way to solve this challenge is to look at the image carefully and try to spot a doll in it.

Time is of the essence in these types of challenges.

Have you seen any other dolls?

Look closely; the doll can be right in front of your eyes.

Hurry up; time is running out.

Find the Difference: Can you spot 5 differences in 35 seconds?

Do I need a hint?

Here it is.

The doll’s eyes are different from other dolls.

Now you can easily identify the doll among the other dolls in the image.

How many of you were able to find the doll?

Those who found the doll have excellent situational awareness and keen observation skills.

You can stop searching now.

It’s time for the reveal.

And the solution will be provided below.

Continue reading to find out.

Find the strange doll in 9 seconds – Solution

The doll can be seen on the left side of the image, just above the red haired doll. One strange doll has no eyes or crossed eyes, while all the others have button eyes.


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