Seek and Find: Can you find a heart in this image within 9 seconds?

Seek and Find Puzzle: Finding a thing or object that is hidden in a picture is the premise of a seek and find puzzle.

Participants in this activity have a set time to find the thing or object in the image.

It is one of the best techniques to determine how observant you are.

People who pay close attention to details will be able to excel at such difficult tasks.

You can try this activity either individually or in groups, which is great.

It helps you determine your level of observation skills individually and can be useful in determining different levels of observation skills among group members.

Sounds fantastic, right?

Do you want to test your attention to detail?


Let us begin.

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Search and find: find a heart in 9 seconds


Source: Cool Side

The image shared above shows a floral painting where several flowers can be seen.

Where there is a flower, there will be a butterfly, and in this image you can see three butterflies.

There are other insects too.

But the challenge for you is to find a heart in the image and you have 9 seconds to do it.

This is an easy challenge, and it will take a person with good observation skills about 9 seconds to find the heart among the flowers.

Have you seen the heart?


Focus your attention on the image and see if you can spot the heart.

Hurry up; time is running out.

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Do I need a hint?

Here it is.

The heart is not on the right side of the image.

Now, did you see the heart?

Those last seconds began.





Time is over.

How many of you have located the heart in the image?

Looking for the solution?

So, continue reading.

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Find the heart in 9 seconds – Solution

The heart can be seen on the left side of the image, a little above the center of the image. The location is marked by a circle.


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