Riverdale’s Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, Review, and More

Riverdale’s ending explained

Riverdale’s Ending Revealed: An In-Depth Explanation of the Series’ Conclusion

Fans are caught in a range of emotions as iconic teen drama Riverdale says its final farewell. This finale, condensed in an episode titled “Goodbye, Riverdale,” marks the end of an era and provides closure to the much-loved character’s narrative. The intricate details revealed by the finale, including who lived and who died, and the fate of key relationships, provide a comprehensive understanding of the series’ climax.

In this poignant finale, the story takes a poignant turn as 86-year-old Betty relives a pivotal day in her senior year of high school — one she missed due to illness. The day she chose, Yearbook Signing Day, was her chance to say goodbye to the town and the people she held dear. As the finale delves into the lives of its characters, it unravels clues to their fate, answering questions about death, relationships, and the passage of time.

Glimpses of Death: Who Lives and Who Dies?

The news that Betty is the last living member of her high school class sets the stage for her unique perspective on death. As the plot unfolds, the audience learns about the life trajectories of the other characters. Polly, Fang, Clay, Kevin, Tony, Cheryl, Reggie, Nana Rose and more all take center stage. Some people live happy lives, families, and accomplishments, while others suffer tragic fates or experience reincarnation.

Julian’s military service and the untimely deaths of Frank Andrews and Tom Keller reveal additional layers the characters go through.

Parents’ lives: where did they end up?

Parental futures are not unexplored. An insight into Mrs. Andrews’ life after high school leads to a moving revelation about her relationship with Brooke. Alice’s life through divorce, an unexpected career change, and a romantic union with a passenger uncovers the transformative journey she’s been on.

The relationship of the core four: what does the future hold?

One of the most compelling aspects of the series, the core four characters, face separation in their post-high school lives. Elaborating on Veronica’s success as a filmmaker, Archie’s journey to work in construction and Jughead’s career as a magazine editor. The complexity of Betty’s journey, her role as a publisher, and her choice not to marry but to adopt a daughter named Kara adds depth to her character.

Betty’s return to town, her eventual death, and an evocative final scene mark the climax of “Riverdale.” The story goes back to square one, where teenage Betty finds herself in a sweet afterlife, reunited with her friends and reliving their youth forever.

Riverdale’s intricate and emotional ending interweaves the characters’ personal stories while emphasizing themes of enduring friendship and the nature of family. The final scene, narrated by Jughead, evokes a sense of nostalgia and invites viewers to cherish the memories created in Riverdale. The show’s end is a testament to the power of storytelling and how a show can leave an indelible impact on audiences.


Riverdale is a captivating American television series inspired by the iconic character of the Archie comics. Produced by Archie Comics chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa for The CW, the series is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Television, CBS Studios, Berlanti Productions and Archie Comics results. The original concept was a feature film project for Warner Bros.

The concept of the picture has been subtly reimagined by Fox into a TV series format. Then, in 2015, the project landed on The CW, which produced a pilot episode. The stunning backdrop for the shoot was the scenic city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

At the heart of the series is its cast, a dynamic mix of characters borrowed from the Archie comics. KJ Apa plays Archie Andrews, while Lili Reinhart plays Betty Cooper. Camila Mendes brings Veronica Lodge to life while Cole Sprouse lends her talents to Jughead Jones (Jughead Jones), who also served as the narrator of the play. After a gruesome teenage murder in Riverdale, the teens embark on a journey to uncover the dark secrets that lurk beneath the surface of this seemingly innocent town.

“Riverdale” premiered on January 26, 2017, to much anticipation, receiving positive responses from its first few episodes. However, as subsequent seasons unfolded, the show faced criticism regarding factors such as script quality, performances, direction and storyline cohesion. In a major development, the show was given the green light for a sixth season, premiering on November 16, 2021, to entice audiences with fresh narrative and character arcs.

The show further established its legacy and established a path into the future with its seventh and final season. The final episode, which will air from March 29 to August 23, 2023, promises to leave an indelible mark on television.

“Riverdale” sees the creative evolution of a beloved comic book universe into a modern television phenomenon. Its vivid characterization, intricate mysteries, and exploration of the complexities of teenage life leave a lasting impact on audiences, making it a show that transcends its origins and resonates through generations.



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From the start, “Riverdale” embarks on a classic journey reminiscent of a murder mystery. The plot begins when the body of Cheryl’s twin brother Jason is found on the banks of the Sweetwater River with fatal gunshot wounds. This memorable event set the stage for the show’s debut season, in which nearly every character becomes the object of suspicion in a quest to uncover the truth.

As the story unfolds, viewers are drawn into a maze of secrets and motives, prompting them to scrutinize each character’s actions and motivations in their quest for justice. That initial premise speaks to the show’s ability to seamlessly blend the traditional charm of a murder mystery with the modern sophistication of a teen drama, setting the stage for “Riverdale” to be a fascinating blend of suspense and storytelling.

Riverdale’s review

These viewer comments shed light on the ever-changing sentiment toward the “Riverdale” episodes from season to season. The first season was engaging, and the second season was just passable. Season three, however, feels disconnected from the show’s core essence. Critics noted that numerous storylines lacked coherence, making the narrative convoluted. They expressed frustration at introducing unnecessary elements that ended up being fruitless and undercut the show.

Another problem is the inconsistent portrayal of the characters’ ages, often forgetting that the main actors are teenagers. Despite these grievances, critics acknowledged that the show’s eccentricities had some entertainment value.

They praised the first season for its cheesy charm and fun plot. However, the second season began to lose its footing, with critics rating it as “okay”. In discussions of season three, real frustration becomes apparent. Here, they use strong language to describe their disappointment and label it as one of the worst ever. The show’s writing, acting, and overall coherence have been heavily criticized. The ratings of the third season dropped to only 1 point (out of 10 points), which shows their strong dissatisfaction.

Reflecting a similar perception of the show’s decline. Critics initially praised the show’s strong start and the engrossing mysteries it presented. However, by season three, they felt the show had strayed far from its original premise. The plot of the story lacks logic and reasoning, and criticizes the image of teenagers acting as adults, which lacks a sense of reality. This review highlights the show’s departure from its original charm and subsequent struggles to maintain it.

Where can I watch Riverdale?

Riverdale is conveniently available online via Netflix streaming. The platform offers viewers the opportunity to watch the show at their convenience, making it accessible to those who want to delve into the mysterious world of the teen drama.

Whether you’re a new viewer interested in the show’s setting or an old fan looking to relive the captivating storyline, Netflix offers an easy way to indulge in the mystery and drama that Riverdale has to offer

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