Resident Evil 7 walkthrough: Guide and tips to surviving the horror adventure

Resident Evil 7: Guide and tips to survive the horror adventure

Safe rooms can be used as shelter and a way to avoid enemies.

Safe rooms are a familiar feature in Resident Evil games; They are a location where you can save your progress and trade your inventory into item boxes. Any place in the game that has a cassette player save point is a safe room and a place where enemies can’t get to you.

An interesting trick with safe rooms in Resident Evil 7 is that if an enemy is chasing you or has simply spawned nearby, they will disappear as soon as you enter. You can see this happen when walking through a safe room door backwards, with enemies literally melting into the ground (or in the case of invincible enemies, temporarily uninterested).

You can take advantage of this feature. If you know a safe room you can retreat to, or if you follow our walkthrough to find out where it’s about to spawn, you can avoid combat entirely and simply run to the nearest one. This is useful because…

Be conservative with the items you use

A constant in the Resident Evil games is the scarcity of items, where healing items such as herbs and ammunition are limited. The same applies here, so it’s wise to only use items whenever possible. Use the trick above to avoid enemy encounters, learn the enemy’s weak points, and when possible, combine herbs with chemical fluids to increase their potency, then use them when your health is at its lowest to stretch them as far as you can. Additionally, while the knife isn’t much use in combat, it can save you ammo usage when breaking Mr Everywhere statues and opening boxes.

Watch out behind you and cover your tracks

While Resident Evil 7 sits firmly in the mold of a more traditional old-school Resident Evil game, something new to the series is the introduction of a first-person camera. An obvious (but equally pleasant) repercussion of this is that you can no longer see enemies behind you.

The game’s sound design will always alert you when something is nearby, but whenever possible, always face your opponents during combat, so you’re aware of their approximate position when fleeing, and be prepared to turn in place with a spin. fast when exploring anything seemingly empty areas.

Another thing that helps is learning to close doors behind you between areas, since most of the enemies in the game will no longer follow you. You can do this by pressing X on PlayStation or A on Xbox while walking backwards through a door. As mentioned in the first tip on this page, you won’t have to do this with safe rooms, as they will instantly protect you when you cross the boundary.

Learn the tricks and nuances of combat.

Combat has a few little tricks worth knowing to help you survive a little better:

  • With the exception of boss battles, all enemies’ weak point is their heads, so aim there to deal maximum damage.
  • You can shoot the limbs of standard molded enemies to slow their progress, but we only recommend this in a pinch – again, aim for the head to find the quickest way to take down anything.
  • There will be times when an enemy will hit you; if so, hold left bumper/L1 to protect yourself, which will decrease the amount of damage you take.
  • Press Down and B on Xbox / Circle on PlayStation to perform a quick 180-degree turn, which is perfect for running away from enemies.
  • You can reload while running, which is particularly useful during boss encounters.
  • There is no splash damage in the game, so feel free to fire grenade launcher rounds up close or place remote bombs at your feet if necessary.
  • Again, I repeat the first point at the top of this tips section because it is incredibly useful: use safe rooms whenever possible to avoid enemies completely. You may do this more often than you think, especially when entering or leaving Processing Area B1.

VHS tapes are optional, but you must play them at least once.

Throughout the game, you will collect VHS tapes, which you can use in a VHS player to play special scenes. With the exception of one at the end of the game, these are mostly optional. While we highly recommend playing them all as soon as possible (both flesh out the story and provide clues for future puzzles and areas), feel free to skip them during future playthroughs.

Don’t worry about missing anything (to a certain extent)

While playing the Main House section, there will be many items and doors that you cannot open yet. Don’t worry too much, as you’ll have the chance to access almost everything on the critical path, whether it’s searching for locks or treasure photos. Of course, there are additional secrets you might miss, such as archives, Mr Everywhere statues, and ancient coins, and there’s a point of no return you need to be aware of. Without giving away any details, the area that will take you out of the house requires two key cards, so make sure you get everything you need before using them and moving on.

Resident Evil 7 presents permanent updates

There is a chance to permanently increase your maximum health, inventory size, and other abilities, at least for that match, by collecting certain items. Some of these are locked behind purchases of ancient coins (which you can spend from the trailer about a third of the way through the adventure), while others can be found in certain locations. Our tutorial will describe where you can get them as soon as possible. But if you miss one or two, don’t worry: the game can be completed perfectly without them.

There is an incentive to play again.

If you miss something, you’ll have an incentive to replay the adventure. You’ll unlock a harder difficulty, ‘Madhouse’, upon completing the game, and for those who want a tougher challenge, there are trophies and achievements for completing the game in under four hours, as well as using only heals and item boxes. multiple times in a single match, as well as two slightly different endings based on a mid-game choice.

In short, this is a game that encourages you to learn its puzzles, areas, and systems if you want to get that Platinum or 1000 Gamerscore, and we’ll be delving into the best way to approach them for these challenges in the coming weeks.

And once you’re done with everything, there’s the DLC, with the exclusive Banned Vol. exclusive to PS4. 1 features the Room Bedroom escape scenario, a sadistic version of Blackjack in 21 and Daughters, a prequel to the main story.

Play the demo before starting the main game.

If you can, it’s worth playing the free Beginning Hour trailer and getting the best Resident Evil 7 demo ending possible to receive a dirty coin, which carries over to the full game. This behaves just like an ancient coin, essentially giving you an advantage to unlock certain items each match.

While the demo retries familiar ground, it’s mechanically a bit different from the main game, so it’s worth exploring to get a different idea of ​​what Old House has in store.

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