Resident Evil 4 Wall with Four Slots puzzle solution in Bindery, Lithographic Stone locations

You have to solve the Wall With Four Slots puzzle in Resident Evil 4 to open the tricky door in the Bindery and resume your search for Ashley during Chapter 8.

However, to solve the puzzle, you must first find three lithographic stones, which are located in the same room.

To help you find Ashley again, we’ve detailed how to solve the four-slot wall puzzle in Resident Evil 4, including all three lithostone locations.

Please note that this is a guide for the remake of Resident Evil 4, so the solution or puzzle may not be the same in the original version.

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Resident Evil 4 Lithostone Locations

Before you can solve the trick door puzzle, you will need to find three more lithographic stones, as stone A is already on the wall with four slots.

Location of Lithographic Stone B

Stone B is right next to the Four Slot Wall, to the left, on a shelf.

Location of Lithographic Stone D

Stone D is in a display case in the southwest corner of the Bindery. You have to use your knife to break the glass and collect it.

Location of Lithographic Stone C

Stone C is on top of a stack of books near the southeast wall of the Binding.

Once you have all the Lithostones, return to the tricky wall near the window to start the puzzle.

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Resident Evil 4 Wall with four slot puzzle solution in Bindery

Please note: The puzzle solution below is only confirmed for Assisted and Standard difficulties, as we have not been able to verify the solution on Extreme and Professional. However, you should follow the same logic if there is a difference in the exact solution.

To solve the four-slot Wall puzzle, you must match the Lithographic Stone symbols with the exact symbols shown on the tricked door. So, the correct image, color and shape of the outline.

Two of the symbols on the Wall with Four Slots only have the correct color and shape, however, not the image, so you’ll have to figure out what it is through a process of elimination.

One important thing to note is that you can rotate each Lithographic Stone to reveal another symbol. If you can’t seem to match the symbols on the tricky door, this is probably why.

Here is the exact solution to the four slot wall puzzle in Resident Evil 4:

  • Above: red shield with square border.
  • Right: blue sword with square edge.
  • Below: blue chest armor with a hexagonal border.
  • Left: red helmet with hexagonal edge.

Here is an image of the solution if you prefer to see it:

Remember, if you don’t have the symbols we mentioned above, you must turn each stone to reveal another symbol and you will find all the correct ones.

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