Pokémon Unite Scizor build, best items and moveset

A strong Scizor build will allow you to turn this Gen 2 Pincer Pokémon into a strong opponent in Pokémon Unite, the Pokémon MOBA game.

Scizor is classified as an all-rounder Pokémon in Pokémon Unite, so your crucial tasks will be to deal damage, absorb damage to teammates with lower HP, such as attackers or supporters, and survive long fights to defeat enemy Pokémon before scoring. goals. To do all this, you will need the best items and moves for Scizor.

Below you’ll find our recommendations for the best Scizor build, and if you want to see how Scizor compares to the other Pokémon in the Unite roster, visit our Pokémon Unite Tier List.

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Scizor Build: Our Recommendations for the Best Scizor Moveset in Pokémon Unite

Scizor takes on the role of all-rounder in Pokémon Unite, so this Pokémon’s playstyle focuses on attacking enemy Pokémon using its mobility to lightly attack/disable and hit them up close. If you haven’t played as an all-round Pokémon yet, Scizor is a stylish and defensive option to start learning this role.

Taking a look at Scizor’s stats, he is a fierce all-rounder thanks to his extremely high offense, high mobility, and inclination towards stamina. By using Scizor, you will damage your opponents and survive long fights thanks to its defensive capabilities. Staying alive is of great importance so as not to fall behind in experience or neglect helping allies in fights. You don’t want to miss out on experience, so you can evolve quickly.

As Scizor, you’ll need to be close to a ranged attacker like Mew, alongside a supporter like Hoopa to heal with Hyperspace Hole, or a speedster like Dodrio to keep up with the bustle moves used on enemy Pokémon like Drill Peck.

Spinning with a ranged attacker will allow you to slash the opponent’s HP and have them flee to heal or activate their focus bands. A Supporter will allow Scizor to survive better or help steal wild Pokémon from enemies. Speedsters allow Scizor to track enemies that explode to knock out low HP enemy attackers.

Scizor’s Skill – Technician: Activates when Scizor uses a move. The next basic attack will change and perform two consecutive basic attacks. The second basic attack is lower damage.

You’ll want to juggle your moves and perform basic attacks after each use; use a move like Bullet Punch, then your double basic attack and finish with another Bullet Punch. Everything works together. Make sure you don’t miss out on the technical follow-up opportunity. Although that second consecutive basic attack has lower damage, there is a chance that it could be a critical hit; especially since Scizor is notable for having a higher innate critical hit ratio than its Scyther counterpart.

Every third basic attack with Scizor is a powered attack. Scizor’s empowered attack will slow the enemy’s movement speed upon hitting them and increase Scizor’s defense stat. This defense boost can be stacked, making Scizor optimal for surviving long fights in a match after your teammates have been knocked out.

At the beginning of the game, you will need to choose Fury Cutter and Quick Attack.

We recommend choosing Quick Attack, if you are using the Central Area. This move allows you to pass through walls, so you can easily start attacking the wild Xatu instead of taking the long way around. If you decide on the top or bottom route, choose Fury Cutter, as its conal distance can hit both Bunnelbys in the lanes.

At level 5, you will choose Bullet Punch, because this move evolves Scyther into Scizor.

With Bullet Punch, Scizor will lunge and deliver three quick hits if it hits a Pokémon. These quick silver hits will heal the user and reduce the cooldown of the Bullet Punch. If Bullet Punch is used again within the time period, Scizor will issue five hits that deal increased damage and additional healing. This move is great to use on multiple enemies at once for extra healing, but more importantly, if you pirouette around the map with the move to hit enemy Pokémon, you can continually make Bullet Punch this stronger version. reduced cooling.

The constant healing this move provides means you’ll rarely have to return to your team’s base and can instead focus on gaining experience. You can visually see that the move will be the stronger version of Bullet Punch, because Scizor’s pincers will glow.

When upgraded, it grants the user a shield after hitting a Pokémon.

Upon reaching level 7, you will have the choice between Double Hit and Swords Dance.

We recommend choosing Swords Dance, because this is the intended move for Scizor and exemplifies its strengths. The user will dash and then increase their attack for a short time. If Scizor is able to deal eight hits while this attack ramps up, his next basic attack will be reminiscent of the First Dragon from Goku Super Saiyan 4, and this crimson attack will pass through enemy Pokémon in a line. This can also be a critical hit.

When upgraded, the user reduces damage when running.

Those eight required hits may seem difficult to inflict with Scizor, but with the combined use of the Technician’s consecutive double hits and the three hits, then five, of Bullet Punch, you can unleash the crimson area of ​​effect more frequently on enemies.

Lastly, Scizor will learn his Unite move at level 9: Red Illusion Dive.

Scizor dashes forward, striking the enemy to slow their movement speed, before creating five close-knit, illusory copies of himself in the area. If any of the copies are touched by an enemy Pokémon, they will take damage and the single copy will disappear. During this time, Scizor can press the Join button again to put the enemies in a line. If this knock hits an illusory copy, it will incapacitate the Pokémon and cause Scizor to hit the area.

It sounds complicated and takes some time to set up efficiently with increased usage. Use Red Illusion Dive in team fights or facing multiple enemies; Try to push or force them into each of the five copies to cause maximum damage. Don’t forget to use your tracking to push them in a straight line. You want to use this at the beginning of a fight and with the use of allies to push enemies into these illusions.

The illusions will disappear as soon as Scizor is knocked out, so you’ll want to use this at the start of a team fight, not when Scizor is already very low with Bullet Punch on cooldown.

Scizor’s evolution line explained in Pokémon Unite

Scizor is placed at the end of a two-stage evolution line, meaning in Pokémon Unite, it starts the game as Scyther.

Scyther will evolve into Scizor at level 5 only by choosing Bullet Punch. Don’t choose Dual Wingbeat or Scyther won’t evolve into Scizor.

In addition to its massive stat boost upon evolution, Scizor will also gain a 10% critical hit rate and 5% lifesteal upon evolution.

Best Kept Items for Scizor in Pokémon Unite Explained

When deciding on items to retain in Pokémon Unite, you should consider items that will increase the Pokémon’s strengths and then mask its weaknesses.

Scizor will be able to survive long battles against multiple enemy Pokémon and race to score points. For these reasons, Scizor will need Muscle Band, Weakness Policy, and Focus Band.

Most of Scizor’s damage will come from his basic attacks, so we want to have Muscle Band to increase attack speed. Due to Scizor’s high defense boosts or damage reduction with Swords Dance’s dash and low cooldown healing with Bullet Punch, the weakness policy will increase and add additional attack stacks every time Scizor is hit.

Scizor will be greatly affected.

As long as you have Muscle Band equipped, your other options can be Scope Lenses and/or Razor Claw for more critical hit capabilities. Razor Claw will slow down enemies. It will decrease Scizor’s survivability, but Scizor itself is tankier and more mobile than other All-Rounders. Muscle Band, Focus Band and Scope Lens also work in combination with Scizor.

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Best Battle Items for Scizor in Pokémon Unite Explained

It is best to choose X Speed ​​for Scizor’s battle item in Pokémon Unite. Sometimes Scizor may have difficulty reaching the enemy. It may have mobile options with Bullet Punch and Swords Dance, but neither of these moves are obstacle resistant. Scizor can be slower than many enemy Pokémon in the game and has very little room to catch up to them.

X Speed ​​helps prevent Scizor from being hindered, so he can attack enemies more easily.

How to unlock Scizor in Pokémon Unite

Scizor can be purchased with 575 Aeos Gems and will be available to purchase with Aeos Coins one week after its release in Pokémon Unite.

Scizor itself is much tankier than its Scyther counterpart. Scizor focuses on getting in close, using his pincers to tear apart enemies, and surviving long fights with the various damage reductions he gets, healing with Bullet Punch, or additional defense stacks with his enhanced attacks.

Good luck with Scizor!

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