Optical Illusion: You have hawk eyes if you spot the hidden telephone in 7 seconds

Optical illusions: Images that trick your brain and challenge your ability to perceive things are known as “optical illusions.” Cognitive, physiological and literal visual illusions are the three types of optical illusions.

The central theme of all optical illusions is that they trick the mind. The popularity of optical illusions has grown exponentially in the last decade, as evidenced by the fact that they have become part of popular culture.

Internet users love to solve new optical illusion challenges; By solving them, they can show their problem-solving skills among friends and peers.

Optical illusions are also good for improving an individual’s observation skills. With regular practice, one can quickly master the ability to solve optical illusions.

Do you want to test your observation skills?

Then try this optical illusion challenge now.

Optical illusion: Can you find the dog in the forest in 15 seconds?

Optical illusion: find hidden phone in 7 seconds


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The image above shows a room scene where you can see a family playing with various toys. In fact, there are so many toys scattered around the room that it looks very messy.

Well, with children around, the rooms can get dirty as children love to play with toys and throw them here and there.

You can see that there are two children in this picture and there are several cars, trains, spinning tops, teddy bears and even a pet cat.

There is also a phone in this room scene and you must find it within 7 seconds.

We understand that finding a phone in a room full of toys is quite a difficult task, but a hawk-eyed person will be able to spot the phone immediately.

You are one of them?

Then focus your attention on the image and try to locate the phone within the time limit.

Optical illusion: can you spot three bells in 15 seconds?

Did you see the phone?

Hurry up.

There are only a few seconds left.

How many of you were able to detect the phone?

Time is over.

We believe that some of you have successfully completed the challenge, while others are still trying their best to find it.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the phone yet.

Just scroll down to find the solution.


Optical illusion: Find the crown among a group of people in 13 seconds

The phone can be seen to the right of the chair.

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